It’s easy to fall in love with Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It’s fast-paced, yet very tactical gameplay challenges both the mind and the reflexes. While you are learning to play CSGO, it’s inevitable to watch professionals on duty. While online sportsbooks in Qatar are offering streams, you can also bet live on the matches you are watching. Here is an article with the best offers of online gambling sites in Qatar, and also some tips on what you should bet on in the CSGO scene. ... read more

Watching your favorite pool players through the streams of online sportsbooks in the US, you can ask some questions about powdering and using chalk. While using the chalk is a habit of motion that you develop easily as a bar-pool player, powdering the stick is a bit different. You don’t do it casually.  ... read more

There are some ways to beat the lottery or horse racing but both need investments. Horse ringing is one of the riskiest ways. This is not a lovely story if you are an animal rights activist. However, we can add to the story that at the time they used ropes to trip horses on movies so the western scenes are more real. Today through online sportsbooks in the US, you have many options to make bets on any sports particularly. There is horse racing amongst others as well. ... read more

While doping in darts is a thing, darts disease is not a joke either. In our previous article, we were finding out what is the most serious doping for darts. Now let me introduce you to the disease called dartitis. Eric Bristow was the first to talk about dartitis in 1986. Fortunately, he could recover and regain his position in the world rankings. During the 2017 Grand Slam of darts, we could meet another case of dartitis. Berry van Peer suffered the drawback of this viperish condition. ... read more

Chess has many funny moments. The game is taken seriously as much as possible. And chess players are very bad losers. I am not intending to present you with an overall collection of all the strange or fun or shameless chess moments. This is just some Friday appetizer from the world of chess. We can see many things, grandmasters throwing around pieces, players kicking others in balls, but all in all the game of chess is beautiful indeed. Maybe it is a bit too serious and sometimes lacks sportsmanship.  ... read more

UFC Fight Night 173 is headlined by Anthony Smith vs Glover Teixeira. Bets are suggesting that smith will emerge successfully from the octagon. Online sportsbooks in Brazil are ready to take your bets on the Smith v Teixeira match. The fight will take place in the Pinnacle Blank Arena (Lincoln). ... read more

What happened on January 30 and why is it important? A new day, a new opportunity to make some money. Boost your gambling luck with calendar gambling. The meaning of calendar gambling is that you check what was happening on the actual day thorough history and you adjust your gambling to these things. Fortunately, through online sportsbooks in the US, you can gamble on basically anything. ... read more

How to Be Good at Tekken?

Tekken is a great game indeed, I’d love to play it and I had some points in my life when I was really into it. Today with online sportsbooks in the US, it is possible to have the streams of the best games, while you can make live bets on them. But watching your favorites is always leaving you with some questions. How did they do it? How could they have that timing? It’s almost like they know the future sometimes.  ... read more

Death at Eating Contests

Previously on GamingZion, I was talking about the dangers of eating contests. However, I didn’t mention these fatal outcomes. Death at eating contests is very common. There are more people dying of eating contest than parachuting. It’s very important to note people that they have to prepare for such contests and they still won’t be able to avoid all the health drawbacks that are coming with it. Leave it to the professionals. It’s better if you just stay at home and through online sportsbooks in the US, you can gamble on eating contests. ... read more

UFC 248 Betting Prediction

UFC 248 betting prediction is not an easy cake to make. Both fighters are outstanding, however, we can draw some conclusions from their previous matches and other factors that can influence the outcome of this game. UFC 248 will take place in T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, Nevada, on March 7-8, 2020. The main event of the card is that Israel Adesanya is putting his middleweight title on the line against Yoel Romero. Adesanya is sofar unbeaten and the bookies’ favorites. However, the odds are tight as usual, when it comes to a title fight. Online sportsbooks in the US are ready to take your bets for the game.  ... read more

It turns out that while you are being a football fan you are risking a heart attack. While we already wrote many articles about the dangers of sports for athletes. According to the newest studies watching football can be very harmful to you. Not in my case, I can hardly find anything more boring than watching football. However, Oxford University’s latest studies show that football fans are exposed to an extreme amount of stress. While watching your favorite team you can even get a heart attack. Be careful, if you combine it with making some sports bets on your favorite team through online sportsbooks in the UK, the thrill can be fatal. ... read more

Scandals in chess are not as rare as you would think. It would never cross my mind that chess can be so aggressive and dirty. However, if you think about it every competitive sport can bring out the worst side of humans. Being afraid of the humiliation after losing a game can lead to stupid decisions. Looking for the fame and the money that comes with the winning can draw out selfishness from anybody. These things are true for Chess aswell. Sure, there are performance-enhancing drugs for chess also. ... read more

For sure, writing articles about gambling, online sportsbooks and casinos have some drawbacks and advantages as well. After a few years in the marketing business, I am immune to any advertisement. Advertisement pushed too far is way worse than no ads at all. That’s why it can happen that you can write about basically anything. Just pick a theme based on your product and you can go on. However, if you are not into advertising just about to write some high-end literature, most of the advice in this article will help you as well. The only thing to take care of is Google. Google is the ruler of our universe, the guardian of mankind. The savior of bullshit. ... read more

Some gambling wise interesting historical events happened on January 27. John Lennon was writing the song “Instant Karma” in only one day, in 1970. In 1967, Astronauts were dying during a launch pad fire at an Apollo program test. 1965, a Ford Mustang racing car was debuting, Shelby GT 350.  In 1996 Monica Seles wins her first Grand Slam after being stabbed. 1987, the birthday of Anton Shunin, Russian goalkeeper. ... read more

Football on the battlefield was really happening during the Christmas truce of the Great War? There is a common legend that in 1914 during Christmas the opposing frontline soldiers were playing a football match. Everything happened on the western frontlines between. Football and sports themself surely has their uplifting moments. Yet, I didn’t find anything in online sportsbook news in the UK yet, which can match the story of the 1914 Christmas Truce. However, there are some other uplifting stories about Christmas. It’s really hard to imagine football on the battlefield today, but fortunately, we can enjoy football streams and sports gambling from the comfort of our home. ... read more

As the eSport industry is growing bigger every day, so does the demand for betting availability. Police were arresting six gamers in Australia after two-months long investigation for match-fixing in CSGO. They purposedly throw at least five matches and were placing bets on them. Where are we to judge anybody. Cocks killing people all over the world, bolts of lightning are charing on innocent football players. What can we expect? Sure these guys were trying to make some money. But after all, match-fixing in CSGO is still a shitty move. ... read more

Surprisingly, there are more known cases where a football player got hit by lightning. Some of them were fatal, others were more fortunate. The odds of getting hit by lightning are pretty low. However, according to the bookies of bet365, it is still more possible than that the Netherlands is winning the Water-polo Championship. From Sao Paulo, through Hungary, till South Africa bolts of lightning are threatening football players all around the world. ... read more

Thus cockfighting is illegal at most of the places, there are always cases for people to go around rules. While cockfighting is a deeply despised way of animal cruelty, there are still people who attend these events. This time they got instant karma. One of the cocks could break free and wounded many and killed one of the spectators. I wouldn’t say that I don’t feel sorry for this person. I feel sorry about this whole situation. Unfortunately, there are many forms of aberration that are accepted around the world and cockfighting is one of them. I just can’t accept calling it a tradition as an excuse. ... read more

Running a Marathon with a bullet in the head is a thing that actually happened. If we search our basement where we keep all the Times magazines from the last 50 years we can easily find this story at 1968,11,12. Maybe the chances of winning the lottery are seemingly pretty high if you are not using some methods which require huge investments. Reality always produces the strangest things. For example, there was a football player who got hit by lightning. Anyway, this story is about a man who got a headshot while running the Marathon. Luckily he was able to finish the race with a bullet in the head. ... read more

Manfred Ewald wasn’t a nice guy really. He started his career in the Hitler Youth. After he was captured by the Red Army in 1944 he managed to get out of jail by joining the German Communist party in 1938. By 1961 he was nominated to be the minister of sports. In this position, he was working on developing a system of officially encouraged doping. Today the Russian doping scandals are the loudest you can even make bets on them. I hope they got better drugs than the ones in the GDR period. ... read more