Goal Joy Goes Wrong – Excessive Demonstration of Goal Joy

  • Goal joy goes funny
  • Goal joy to offend opposing team
  • Goal joy is not to promote political views
Goal joy goes wrong - not for Messi
Messi's goal joy is totally legal. Agencia de Noticias ANDES / CC BY-SA

Scoring a goal in football is the time of ultimate glory. However, there are some times when goal joy goes wrong. At the time of scoring, the football player is feeling that all his hard work of practicing and training bears its fruitful results. And at this magical point with the high of dopamine and adrenaline sportsman are celebrating. But sometimes they push it too far. There are many occasions when goal celebrating goes too far. Most of the times the result is some in-game penalty. Sometimes it’s a big amount of cash penalty and there are also cases that are ending in tragedy.

This post is about to collect some of the most outstanding cases of goal joy. While the UEFA Champions League is going on at the moment, there are always great football events where you can witness great goals. If you missed them you can always check online sportsbook news in the UK.

How can goal joy go wrong?

Goal joy goes wrong if you take off your clothes. As it says in the laws of the game: “A player must be cautioned if he removes his shirt or covers his head with his shirt.” Some of the football players thought that they will go around this rule in a clever way. If I can’t take off my shirt, I will take off my pants. Unfortunately in these cases, referees were thinking that this is also a way of “excessive demonstration of joy” which should be sanctioned.

Goal joy goes wrong for self-made fashion leader

The name of Mario Gjurovski may not say too much unless you are a big fan of Thai football. He was playing for Muangthong United at the Thai Super League as a midfielder against TOT Sport Club. At the 35th minute, he scored a goal and led by the divine joy of success he took his pants off and put him on his head. Taunting the fans like this didn’t turn out as a very good idea as Gjurovski was seeing a red card shortly after.

Actually I can hardly understand the referee’s decision. The joy demonstration was not intended to offend anyone and as you can see from the video above it didn’t. It didn’t eat up more time of the game than usual goal joy celebrations. The player did not leave the field. Furthermore, fashion-wise the new hat is groundbreaking, fresh and very innovative. It is also a great way of celebrating something. Just imagine that you invite your friends to your birthday party with the instructions to wear their pants on their heads. First, everybody would feel a bit nervous (if anybody would come) but after a while, they would experience the liberating feeling of pantslessness. From this point, real conversations can start without inhibitions.

Showing off your delight – Goal joy goes wrong from the behind

Goal joy goes wrong if you are showing your butt.
Illustration of a butt.

Mario Djurovski is not the only one who felt his pants couldn’t contain his joy. However, these two guys were not using the situation to introduce a new trend in fashion, rather that they were offending the opposing team’s supporters. Dally Innocent Gbale the player of Freamunde was scoring a goal in the Spanish second division. As he didn’t find the opposing team’s fans fired up enough he decided to heighten the tension with showing his butt to them. Instead of some thanksgiving for bringing fire to the field increasing the level of entertainment, he was getting a red card. Joey Barton was doing the same favor for Everton fans, however, he is more famous for his head-butts.

Snorting the byline is over the line

Scoring a goal even in an amateur game gives you a great feeling. Dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline are over-flowing in your nervous system. You feel victorious and impregnable overall happiness. Just like when you snort cocaine. This is what was done by Robbie Fowler in 1999 on a game against Everton. His aim was not to promoting snorting cocaine. There were unfounded allegations going on against him at the time and he was trying to refer to those. While the team’s manager was also trying to save him, saying that he was just imitating a cow eating grass – he got a ban for his next 4 matches.

Moral of the story? Don’t do drugs… I guess. Are you a big fan of Everton and this act still offends you? Well, you can make bets on your favorite team at bet365 with great odds.

Keep your political view out of the field

Goal joy goes wrong if you show your support for dockers' strike.
Robbie Fowler. Photo by Nigel Wilson.

As football has a huge audience and sometimes national teams are colliding political confrontations can occur around certain plays. However, players are not able to show their opinion on certain matters.

In 1997, Robbie Fowler was playing in Liverpool and was scoring against SK Brann. While the T-shirt was showing support for the Liverpool docker’s strike it was also promoting the brand, Calvin Klein. On the T-shirt, you could read: “500 Liverpool dockers sacked since 1995”. He had to pay a fine of £900 after the act, however, I am interested in how much he received from Calvin Klein for the stunt.

There are other cases when players are totally in the wrong. As I was mentioning above due to the national teams, football can become a question of identity for the fans. Maybe this is the reason why so many anti-semitic people are attending the matches. They form the base of the craziest football fans. Goal joy goes extremely wrong when players are dedicating their goals to these fans. Giorgos Katidis was having a good performance in the Greek AEK Athens team. However, he ripped his own career in half when he was playing against Veria. He was showing a Nazi salute after he scored the winning goal. He was saying that he did not know the meaning of the gesture but obviously it didn’t help at all. Katidis was banned from playing in any Greek team for a lifetime and also fined for €50,000.

While being anti-semitic can’t be tolerated, there is nothing more natural than supporting your national team. You can do it through online sportsbooks in the UK, or head to bet365 directly.

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