A Guaranteed Way to Win in Casinos – Frank Rosenthal Knew the Key to Winning

A Guaranteed Way to Win in Casinos
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While there are some people searching for the perfect methods to win at horse racing, others are exploiting games with complete betting systems. There are some who are looking for roulette wheels with bias, others are merely relying on luck. And there are the people who know the guaranteed way to win in casinos. Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal surely knew the key to winning. It’s not the way of the common man, but a common man will never make a fortune.

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The Oddsmaker

Everyone is trying to put this misty aura around Rosenthal. He was like the Rainman when it came to odds, and he put all the information together like the density of the wooden baseball bat and the weather forecast for that day when the game is. Now that’s just crap, Bill Benter was using a room full of computers to have some advantage on the horse race and still had hardnesses at the beginning. Rosenthal’s story is also starting with horses, as his father was keeping racehorses and he quickly became familiar with the odds. Instead of sitting in the school he was visiting Wrigley Field in Chicago, where he got closer to the guaranteed way to win in casinos.

At the age of 21, he was already working for the Outfit and by the mid-50’s he was running the mob’s illegal bookmaking office. Rosenthal had a lot of knowledge on how the odds work and for that, he had to follow sports news. However, these guys were the mob, where mathematics didn’t work in their favor they had other tools. Other tools bringing bigger profit. They were match-fixing, paying for players to lose, or better yet simply breaking their legs. But Rosenthal really had a lot of knowledge of sports and how the odds are working, thus he knew whose leg should break with the least risk and maximum profit.

In front of the jury

Lefty quickly made a name in underground circles. At the beginning of the 60s, he was already known nationwide as an oddsmaker and match-fixer. The law’s attention came with fame but the court couldn’t do much with Rosenthal. While he was moving to Miami to get out of the attention, it didn’t really help and he was accused of numerous times. He was invoking the fifth amendment over 37 times even when they asked him what day is it today. He was only convicted once for bribing a University football player. Once again he was moving his base to another place, this time his destination was Las Vegas.

It’s understandable that at that time the FBI was running a file on him that was already containing more than 300 pages. If you are interested in the detailed wrongdoings of Lefty, then here you can access his files.

Achieving the guaranteed way to win in casinos in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas

Well, sorry guys, the only guaranteed way is to own the casino. While someone can be lucky or have strategies that help him in some ways, in the long run, it’s always the casino who takes the dough. And Frank was aiming for not less. His friend Anthony “Tony” Spilotro was following him here from Chicago. As it is described in the movie Casino Spilotro was a real psychopath. According to certain sources, the murder rate in Vegas went up with 70% as Tony entered the city. By 1976 they were running the  Stardust, Fremont, Marina, and Hacienda casinos. The owner of the casinos was the Californian businessman Allen Glick. Rosenthal was trying to keep a low profile and didn’t have a license for running gambling activities. However, he had no problems making it clear to everybody who is running things.

The personality of the one who has the guaranteed way to win in casinos

To get a picture of Rosenthal it’s good to take a look at one of his interviews that he was giving in 1995 toPalm Beach Post. While this was all after the car bombing and fleeing Vegas, he still had the fire in him. “No one put me anywhere, and I’m not the least bit concerned or amused that some think otherwise. No one controls Frank Rosenthal. Underline that. No one controls Frank Rosenthal.” Reporter Jane Ann Morrison also said that Lefty was way scarier than Tony Spilotro, however, he was not accused of numerous murders. A man like this with so much money to burn couldn’t really keep a low profile. He had his own television talk show and his first guest was Frank Sinatra. If you are interested in more stories like this, check our online gambling news in the US.

Other things are going on besides the business

The business was going great, and Rosenthal was making the first sportsbook in the world which he was running from one of his casinos. Nowadays you can easily access any sports bets through online sportsbooks in the US. Intertops, for instance, is giving great odds on the NFL games which were one of Rosenthal’s favorites. While building the business other things were also going on in Vegas for Lefty. He got married to Geri McGee, model and Las Vegas showgirl, and they had two children. Their happiness didn’t take too long. Besides that Mcgee had an affair with Tony Spilotro, she also had serious alcohol and drug problems which eventually led to her death. They divorced in 1981, just a year before the death of McGee and the car bombing against Rosenthal.

The car bombing

Rosenthal’s car bombing happened in the same year when his ex-wife died of an accidental overdose or more likely bad combination of valium, cocaine, and alcohol. However, Lefty had a handful of luck. He was most likely saved due to he was driving the right car. He had a Cadillac Eldorado from 1981, I guess if they would have a new model out by the time he wouldn’t have been so lucky. Inside the 1981 Cadillac Eldorado model, there was a metal plate inserted belove the driver’s seat to correct some balance imperfections. Her ex-wife had his overdose just a month later on the 9th of November 1982.

The man who knew the key to success got the message

After packing his things and getting everything ready Frank Rosenhalt was heading to California. There his main focus was raising his children. He was running a night-club and an online betting site, living a quiet life until his death at the age of 79.


There are shady circumstances all around the bombing and the death of McGee and Tony. Who did the car bombing? Authorities never found out and Lefty also said that he has no idea. However, there are a few options that can be assumed. Tony was going after his own head and was taking some of the money without the capo’s knowledge. Maybe the bombing was a message to him. Others tie the bombing to some gangs that were friends with McGee. I find it interesting because of McGee’s death occurred just a few weeks later the bombing. Tony didn’t hold on to this planet for much longer as he was found dead with his brother in 1986. At the end of the day, we can never know for sure.

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