How to Operate a Boat

  • Getting an international license is useful
  • You can rent boats in many places
  • If you want to take part in a race, you’ll need a very good boat
How to Operate a Boat

Having your own yacht used to be a luxury thing, which only the super-rich could afford. But in the last few years more and more people are getting interested in having one, and certainly learning how to operate a boat. In every country, you can find academies and accredited schools, and if you’re talented, you can even take part in different races as well. 

But let’s just go back to the beginning, what things you will need first. To start with, you have to find a good course, where they will teach you everything in detail, so not a fast-course in 2 days. It’s good to get to know other sailors and boat owners, and also to be a member of a club. Then practice a lot and finally get your own boat. Let’s just see these steps now in more detail!

Find a school to learn how to operate a boat

One of the most accepted certificates is the International Certificate of Competence, so it’s good to choose a school which is an ICC test center. This way, you can use your national boating license in other countries as well, when you go on holiday. To get this license you have to do the appropriate course in your country, always check before starting if they have the necessary licenses.

Get to know other boaters

Once you have a boat, a whole new world will open up for you. But to have a great experience, it’s good to have a few people who are already members of this club. Just go down to a marina, and start talking to people. If you have a question or need help, just ask around, surely someone will help you.

Do some background work

You can always practice on land before getting to the water, for example just get a rope and practice the knots. Read information about the different boat types and view videos about how to drive them. You can also rent a boat before buying it, in order to try them out before choosing one. Sailing is not a cheap hobby, so it’s recommended to get a good boat, which you can handle easily.

How to Operate a Boat
“Sailing is not a cheap hobby…” – Image source: Dyess Air Force Base

Are you ready for the race?

It can happen that you’ll fall in love with your boat and the sea, and you want to spend more and more time on the water. Do you even consider taking part in a race? Well, if you have the proper boat, which might cost you a fortune, and the right equipment, including all the safety ones, you might take part in a smaller race. But not something like the Rolex Sydney Hobert Yacht Race, which you can just bet on the biggest betting sites like bet365.

The biggest boat races in the world

If you’re really good at racing and know how to operate a boat in every circumstance,  you’ll probably need a crew to take care of it. So you can travel to different races and get more experience. But to take part in the biggest boat races would still require a lot of courage. A race like the Transatlantic Race, a 2800nm journey from west to east, or the Rolex Fastnet Regatta which is one of the longest-running and toughest sailing races. Online sportsbooks in the UK are following all these races and offering odds for most of them.

Other water sports

If having a boat is too expensive for you, there are several other water sports you can have a go. Like rowing, kayaking or windsurfing, which is just returning to the Summer Olympics. But if you prefer just to watch all these guys and girls doing super tricks on their boards, you can make a bet for their next big event, the World Surf League at the end of March. If you do so, just read our predictions and the latest review about bet365 as well.

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