WSL Men’s Championship 2020 Betting Odds: Can John John Beat the Brazilians?

  • WSL Men’s Championship Tour will start on the 26th of March
  • 34 surfers will compete in 11 events
  • Reigning champion is Brazilian Italo Ferreira
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Still being winter, who wouldn’t want to escape to a hot and sunny place, close to the beach with white sand and palm trees. If you follow the events of the World Surf League at least online, you can watch these pictures and the best surfers of the world. Their Championship Tour will start at the end of March in Australia, let’s see the main favorites according to the WSL Men’s Championship 2020 betting odds.

To become the WSL Tour Champion, you have to be the surfer with the most points from your 9 best results out of the 11 World Tour events. On each race, the surfers will be given points by the judges, with a maximum point of 10. The competitors are the best 22 surfers according to the World Rankings plus 10 surfers from the World Qualifying Series Rankings and 2 surfers with wildcards. Generally Brasilians, Australians and Americans are doing great but we can also find champions from Hawaii.

John John Florence is the top favorite in the WSL Men’s Championship 2020 betting odds

With such a great name, who would be surprised to find John John Florence as the top favorite to become world champion. He is from Hawaii, which is a perfect place for surfing and he has already won the title twice, in 2016 and 2017. John John started surfing at the age of 8, by the age of 12 he was a master of many different ocean conditions. He is only 7th at the moment on the world ranking, due mostly to his injuries last season. He could only take part in 5 world events in 2019. But he is back in form now, and surely will fight for the win here and in the Tokyo Olympics as well. Florence’s odds are 4.00 at 1xBet

Online sportsbooks in the US are mentioning two Brasilians, Gabriel Medina and the reigning champion, Italo Ferreira as his main rivals. Their odds are 4.50 and 5.00. Medina, who is famous for his special “Backflip ” appeared on the world tour at the age of 17, finishing already 12th. Then he only needed three more years to become the best and win the championship in 2014. He could repeat this success in 2018, after winning events in Tahiti, California and the Billabong Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. He finished in second place last season, and he is currently second in the world ranking as well. 

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John John Florence is the top favorite in 2020 Dane Siestas / CC BY

The reigning champion is also in the favorites 

Italo Ferreira is the reigning champion and the world No1, and another favorite in the WSL Men’s Championship 2020 betting odds. He won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2015 when he finished 7th in his debut year in the Championship Tour. He had a few ups and downs after but managed to come back and win 3 events last season and the title after all. Ferreira is one the most popular surfer thanks to his passion and showman behavior, surely many will hope for his win again. 

According to online gambling sites in the US, a third Brasilian, Filipe Toledo can win the championship as well. He has the odds of 6.00 to do so. The 24-year old finished fourth last season, and third before, and he has every chance to improve on these results now. He is passionate and has great moves in the aerial realm, just needs to focus mentally more to become a champion. 

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