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Cycling like many other sports has its own dangers, like crashing out at the speed of 80kph coming down from a mountain or sprinting in the finish line. It can happen to the best riders in literally any race as we can sadly see an example of it on this week’s Tour of Poland. In the worst crashes in Tour de France history we can find cyclists colliding with dogs, fans and even a policeman.  ... read more

During the US PGA Championship there will be another golf tournament in Europe. The English Golf Championship will be held in the Hanbury Manor in Ware, Hertfordshire between the 6th and 9th of August. In the English Golf Championship betting predictions Belgian golfer Thomas Detry is the favourite but there are several possible winners in the field.  ... read more

This weekend Formula 1 will celebrate its 70th anniversary of the first championship Grand Prix held in Silverstone. Following last week’s drama, fans can expect another exciting race with probably different tactics and Mercedes dominance again. But in the special bets for 70th F1 race you can find different options to bet on from the first driver to retire to the fastest pit stop.  ... read more

Change is usually a good thing, except when it affects long traditions and real icons of a club. To renew a football club’s crest, it’s name or colours can be dangerous and make fans really angry. In the worst football rebrands ever we can find laughable new crests and the whole change of teams purchased by Red Bull.   ... read more

The 7th UCI World Tour Event, the Tour of Poland will take place this week with all 19 UCI World Teams taking part in it. With only a few weeks to go until the big tours, it’s a perfect race for several cyclists to practice and get back to racing after the long break. Top riders will compete from Simon Yates to Rui Costa and local hero, Rafael Majka. But young talents are the main favourites in the Tour of Poland odds.  ... read more

Next week another WTA International Tournament will be held for women tennis players in the Czech Republic, the Prague Open. Following her withdrawal from the Palermo Open, No2 Simona Halep is still confirmed to play here. She is the favourite in the Prague Open betting tips but we can also find other top players’ names in the participants.   ... read more

Fernando Alonso will rejoin the Formula 1 field next season after a 2-year break. But Alonso is not the only F1 driver who decided to return back to racing. In the best F1 comebacks after retiring we listed the most famous and successful returns. With some drivers winning additional world titles after their returns, while others could only achieve smaller successes.  ... read more

Even though this season’s Premier League has ended last weekend, fans can still watch a top game this Saturday thanks to the FA Cup final. In Wembley stadium two London teams will fight for the trophy, still behind closed doors. In the Arsenal vs Chelsea betting preview we check the favourite of the game and a few possible variations you can bet on.  ... read more

Leeds United have won this season’s Championship and will return to the English Premier League after a 16 years break. There are big expectations for the club and Leeds United special bets are already available for football fans. Including predictions about the team’s performance in the next season and winning any award.  ... read more