Top Tips On How To Handle Losing At Blackjack


Posted: April 16, 2024

Updated: April 16, 2024

It would be foolish to imagine that you could play casino games like blackjack and only win. In reality, gambling is actually more about losing than winning, simply because it's the casino makes a profit from the gambler. Not the other way around. So it's a good idea to make sure you're able to handle losing at casino games.

The enjoyment of casino games often hinges on maintaining a composed mindset towards gambling. This mindset helps us to steer clear of impulsive decisions that can result in regrettable losses. Integral to this composure is how you mentally navigate both your victories and defeats. While celebrating big wins is natural and enjoyable, true maturity is demonstrated in how you handle the unavoidable losses that occur periodically. It’s about maintaining dignity, even in the face of defeat when you’re losing at blackjack.

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How To Look Cool When Losing At Blackjack  

As you wander through the casino game tables, it’s easy to spot a newcomer to blackjack. One telltale sign is observing their reaction to winning. You’ll often see a mixture of astonishment and unbridled joy on their faces. This reaction stems from the fact that many novice blackjack players don’t anticipate winning. Therefore, when they do succeed, their expressions betray their genuine surprise and shock.

This is a stark contrast to their demeanor when they’re losing at blackjack. On the other hand, seasoned players exhibit mastery in controlling their excitement. While inexperienced blackjack players might exuberantly celebrate even small wins, veterans maintain a sense of decorum that comes from understanding the game’s long-term ups and downs.

Keeping Your Composure When Losing At Blackjack

However, it’s one thing to exhibit composure in victory, but the true measure of a player is seen in how they handle themselves during losing streaks in blackjack. Anyone can quietly revel in a significant win. But maintaining a composed demeanor amidst a series of losses is a different challenge altogether.

losing at blackjack
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According to online casino news in the US, it’s this ability often distinguishes beginners from seasoned blackjack professionals. Today, at, we explore the casino etiquette of handling losses – essentially, how to gracefully lose like a professional player.

Accept the Results 

The key reminder is to stay grounded in reality. Keep in mind, that once the cards are dealt, the outcome is sealed. There’s no going back to alter it. Regardless of how unfavorable the result may seem, dwelling on it serves no purpose. Whether it’s down to chance, luck, or a misjudgment, the past outcome is immutable. Thus, it’s crucial to accept it and focus on the present. Even if you believe you made no mistakes, letting go is essential to move forward in your gameplay.

Don’t Start Chasing Your Losses

One of the most unsightly scenes at the blackjack table is witnessing a player chasing their losses. This behavior stands as perhaps the most common mistake among casino gamblers when losing at blackjack. In truth, it affects both novices and seasoned players alike. The notion driving this action is the persistent hope of reclaiming lost funds by extending the gameplay further.

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Some players resort to the terrible decision of withdrawing additional funds from the casino’s ATM, despite its high fees, in a bid to replenish their bankroll. The misguided belief is that a couple of wins will quickly reverse their fortunes and steer them toward success. It won’t!

Losing At Blackjack – Remember It’s About Enjoyment

The issue lies in the fact that chasing losses often leads to compounding further losses. Just look at those blackjack players who turn to the Martingale system in the vain hope of making up their dwindling bankroll. Moreover, this idea fixates you solely on recovering your lost funds, driving you to play out of desperation rather than enjoyment. It underscores the need for strong mental resilience in order to walk away from the gaming table when necessary. It doesn’t have to be a permanent departure. But taking a break and stepping outside to clear you head is essential. Returning with a fresh perspective allows for clearer decision-making. In some cases, it may even entail leaving the game entirely, calling it a day, and heading home.

Have A Break To Clear Your Head

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to take regular breaks if you find yourself losing at blackjack. This is especially true when experiencing losses or a losing streak in blackjack. Remaining seated at the blackjack table in a bustling casino environment may exacerbate feelings of frustration as reminders of losses abound. Additionally, witnessing fellow players celebrating their victories can be particularly grating. The same principle applies to online gambling. If you’re struggling to achieve success at an online casino like King Billy Casino, it’s advisable to close the browser and engage in a different activity. Or take a stroll to clear your mind for a while.

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When Losing At Blackjack Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

When losing at blackjack, there’s no benefit in dwelling on self-blame. Doing so is likely to be counterproductive for your mental state. While significant losses can understandably dampen your spirits, it’s essential to adopt a realistic perspective. Perhaps you were wagering too much initially. Or found yourself outmatched by more experienced players. In truth, excessive rumination on past losses serves no constructive purpose.

Instead, here at, we recommend approaching the situation with a logical mindset. After all, learning from your mistakes is far more advantageous than indulging in self-pity. Recognizing where you went astray can pave the way for improved gameplay in the future. Conversely, berating yourself will only serve to sour your mood without bringing about any positive results.

Next Time Adjust Your Approach To The Game

While blackjack combines elements of luck and skill, it’s important to recognize that when things go awry, and you find yourself losing at blackjack, there’s usually a reason behind it. A significant loss often indicates a substantial mistake was made. Acknowledging these errors not only improves your mental outlook but also enhances your understanding of the situation. Thus preventing you from repeating the same missteps. It’s easy to succumb to impulsive decisions fueled by emotions.

losing at blackjack
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In fact, this is a common culprit behind major losses in both online and offline gambling environments. To aid in your recovery from a setback, exploring options at the top online casino sites in the US like King Billy Casino can be beneficial. Here, you can play for free, allowing you to analyze and rectify your playing errors without financial risk. Only when you feel confident in your improved skills should you consider resuming real-money betting.

Losing At Blackjack: Sometimes Lady Luck Isn’t There

It’s certainly entirely plausible that you were employing impeccable blackjack strategies. Having a firm grasp of the fundamental blackjack rules means you likely executed all the correct actions. However, given the element of chance inherent in the game, it’s more probable that an unexpected turn of events resulted in an unfavorable outcome.

Yet, it’s crucial to recognize the inherent duality of gambling – there are always two potential outcomes: winning or losing. This fundamental truth should remain at the forefront of your mind whenever you engage in playing blackjack, particularly during periods of loss.

Don’t Ruin The Game For Other Players

Lastly, it’s important to address one of the telltale signs of poor sportsmanship when losing at blackjack: the player who wants to tarnish the entire experience for others following their own defeat. Perhaps you’ve observed a disgruntled player directing their frustrations towards the dealer, vocally criticizing their techniques or even accusing them of foul play. Alternatively, some may blame fellow players, citing distractions that hindered their concentration.

Then there are those who wear a visage of gloom after a loss, projecting their misery onto those nearby. We understand that maintaining a cheerful disposition may be challenging. Especially in the aftermath of a substantial loss. However, if managing your negative emotions proves difficult, it may be wise to seek an alternative pastime. Just because you find it challenging to derive enjoyment from your gambling experience doesn’t mean you should make it unpleasant for others.

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