Maximum Limit of Online Bets in the UK – The Limitations on Gambling Is One of the Hot Topics


Posted: February 20, 2020

Updated: February 27, 2020

  • The limitations on gambling is a hot topic in the UK
  • It is proposed to make the maximum limit of online bets to £2

The UK gambling industry is going through tough changes lately. Both, the on-land and the digital gambling markets are under review by the UK Gambling Commission. In fact, stricter age verification checks and higher taxes are a reality now. Interestingly, the land-based venues and the digital gambling sites were not falling under the same rules. Now, several MP-s have proposals regarding the terms of online gambling. Notably, proposals aim to cap the maximum limit of online bets in the UK to £2 for the slot games. Moreover, the future of credit card usage for online gambling and the “VIP” accounts in the games are unclear. 

Gambling in the UK is gradually coming under stricter regulations

The limitations on gambling are one of the hot topics of discussion in the UK for the last few years. Both, on land and digital gambling, are at the center of attention for the parliamentarians and society. Last April, one of the hottest topics was dropping the maximum stake for the fixed-odds betting terminals. In fact, there were a number of pleas from the bookmakers to reconsider the actions. The ministers ignored these pleas. The decision was to dramatically drop the maximum stake at fixed-odds betting terminals from £100 to £2. By this, the parliament tries to keep the balance. Governments’ goal is to have fewer potential risks for the gamblers. In other words, to have a market that is not only contributing to the economy but also is taking care of the consumers.

Gambling Commission proposes a reduction of the maximum limit of online bets in the UK

Now, several MP-s want to imply similar rules to online gambling sites in the UK, such as Betway or Unibet sportsbooks. A cross-party group called for actions. They suggest the maximum limit of online bets in the UK to be £2. Another suggestion is to ban betting by card. The MP-s state that the Gambling Act of 2005 is not fitting the new digital age. The MP-s announce that the offline world has strict regulations and that the online world should be similar.

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It is proposed to make the maximum limit of online bets £2. Image source: Piqsels

So, the maximum limit of online bets should be the same as the fixed-odds betting terminals have. As mentioned above it is £2. Moreover, The MP-s also support the idea to ban credit cards for betting online. The reason for this is to make sure consumers cannot take costly risks. Further, the commission wants to restrict the “VIP” accounts. According to the commission, many gamblers rack up huge debts here.

The MP-s who proposed the changes are sure about the outcome. Moreover, they think the change will come to power no matter which political party will be in charge. In reality, the Labor Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are for stricter rules for the whole gambling industry. Moreover, Boris Johnson openly criticized the government for delaying the changes for limiting the cap for land-based betting.

Provided that, the chair of the Betting and Gaming Council rigid Simmons warned that if the MP-s are not careful there is a risk to drive people into the black market.

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