The Story of the Rio Casino

  • The first All-Suite Hotel and Casino of Vegas
  • The value of the casino
  • Recreational activites besides gambling

The story of Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino dates back to 30 years now. Being one of the most iconic casinos of Las Vegas, the Rio is the right place to spend your stay in Vegas. While online casinos in the US are giving you the comfort to play from your home, there are just some luxury things that cannot be skipped once you visit the city of lights.

However, if for some reason you decide to stay home I suggest you visit Vegas Crest Casino. For any other reason let’s check out the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino to see what’s the big deal here.

The first All-Suite

In 1990 when the casino was opening its doors it was the first of its kind. Being an All-Suite hotel and casino Rio was the first to offer every room with its own kitchen and bathroom. Rio is following a Brazilian style with its inner design. Feeling being on the more luxurious side of Rio de Janeiro all you have to do now is being a high roller to claim your personal villa. Rio will give you the difference. Forget the shady doomsday mood with the regulars of slot machines. Here you will be able to experience the best part of gambling. You can witness here the World Series of Poker and with a bit of luck, you can catch one of the big shots to play a game with you.

Story of the Rio Casino
This is the story of Rio Casino.

Opening in 1990, January 15, didn’t mean the end of progress for the casino. We have to add to the story of Rio casino it’s further developments. In 1993 they were adding a 20-story tower to the establishment. Masquerade Village was added in 1997, this expansion was worth $200 million. At the moment the all-suite hotel and casino have suits over 2500 and a huge wine cellar with more than 50000 bottles of wine from the finest.

New owner – The story of Rio All-Suite Casino

Just to have a clue how much is the worth of a place like this let’s check last year. Caesars Entertainment was selling the establishment for $516 million to Eric Birnbaum. If it would be a lottery winning in the US it would be the 11th biggest win of history. While Birnbaum made a huge investment he is not planning to run the casino. They have a deal with Ceasars that they can run the casino for a loan. The price of the lease is $45 million witch means that Birnbaum will get back his money in 15 years if everything stays as it is. However, this is just a small part of the income of Ceasars Entertainment they don’t have to be afraid of bankruptcy. In 2017 they had a revenue of $4.85 billion and had about 65000 employers.

Other activities than gambling

If you want to take a break from the tables or from the wheel, you have many opportunities to enjoy your time. One of them is the KISS themed mini-golf course. The course is named after the rock band and it’s run by the Monster Mini Golf franchise. If you happen to fall in love during playing mini-golf you can take part right away in their Rock and Roll themed wedding chapel. The name of the chapel is “I love it loud wedding chapel”, as the name suggests a lot of fire, we hope that the engagements made here are at least half as permanent as ardent.

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