Trump During Biden’s Inauguration Betting Odds Favor the Outgoing President to Play Golf

  • Trump feels most comfortable at a golf course
  • Hiding in the oval office might be an option
  • A 2024 rally in Florida remains slightly possible
Trump during Biden’s inauguration betting

January 20th will be Donald Trump’s last day in office. But how does he intend to spend it? What is clear so far he will not be present at the ceremony. That means he has some other plans in mind. He might decide to golf, hide in the oval office, or have a 2024 rally. Here is what Trump during Biden’s inauguration betting odds suggest will most likely occur.

When President Trump received the bad news that he lost the election on 7 November 2020, he was spotted playing golf. When the House recently debated the new economic bill ahead of Christmas, he was also spending a day on the golf course. Does that mean we will likely see him golfing as well when Biden takes the oath of office?

Online gambling sites in the United States expect it to be very likely. Thus, you can decide to bet on Trump during Biden’s inauguration to appear in one of his golf clubs. That is more likely than changing his mind and attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Very recently Trump stated: “To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.”

Trump to spend the day golfing by himself

Golf was never far from Trump’s mind, all the time when he was working in the White House. His private clubs are arguably the best place where Trump feels most comfortable. Taking a cart and a caddie to drive around the golf course will likely be the most relaxing thing Trump can do. Otherwise, he will have to watch the one and only person who defeated him on TV, President-elect Biden.

Trump’s private clubs are usually the places where he welcomes guests and lavishes attention on his playing partners. On 20 January he will likely prefer to spend the day by himself. According to 22BET Sportsbook, Trump to play golf values 1.5 odds. But there are few other realistic things that Trump might decide to do.

Trump during Biden’s inauguration betting
Let’s bet on trump!

Trump to hide in the oval office

One of the options that might possibly happen as CNN reported, is that Trump will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day. Some of his aides actually believe he might do it, but there are no official reports on the issue coming from the White House. That means you can bet on Trump during Biden’s inauguration to stay in Washington with 3 odds. Should he stay, it will hopefully be to say goodbye and leave quietly.

A 2024 rally in Florida remains slightly possible

One of the possible things Trump might decide suddenly to do is holding a rally to announce another run against President-elect Joe Biden. According to the Daily Beast, Trump talked to his advisors and confidants about a potential 2024 run to reclaim the White House. He also discussed the specifics of a campaign launch.

Should Trump go with the idea on 20 January, he will likely choose it to happen in Florida. Florida is Trump’s home state, where he has a large base there. He will enjoy a lot of cheering. Accordingly, 22BET Sportsbook suggests Florida is one of the likely places where Trump will be spotted with a value of 1.44.

Trump during Biden’s inauguration betting to visit Russia

The bookies opted to spice things up a little bit and offer some weird bets on Trump. One of such bets is expecting Trump to visit Russia on 20 January with 51 value. Trump has received several invitations from President Putin to visit Russia. He also said many times he will get along with Putin if they met together. But the visit will likely never materialize.

The other weird bet is on Trump to phonecall North Korea’s Kim Jong Un with 26 odds. Previously when they met in 2018, Trump said he gave Kim Jong Un his personal number. But Kim Jong Un will likely be thinking about how his relationship will be with the new US administration.

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