What Are the RPL New Club Odds?

  • The 2020/21 Russian Premier League is still scheduled without changes
  • Will football clubs from other countries enter the competition?
RPL new club odds

It may sound weird but there are clubs from several countries that can enter the Russian Premier League next season. The RPL new club odds show that football squads from three post-Soviet countries will play in Russia in 2020 and 2021, regardless of its possible postponement. 

The next Russian Premier League will take place from July 2020 until May 2021. Regardless of its possible postponement, there are RPL new club odds showing someone new to join the competition. Online sportsbooks in Russia predict that clubs from Armenia, Kazakhstan or Belarus are likely to enter the Russian Premier League.

It might seem strange, but there is one catch. All these four countries are founders of CIS as well as former Soviet Union members. It means that Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are in good relationship with Russia and there is a possibility of one/all of them to cooperate with its bigger neighbor in terms of sports. Such a scenario is really possible as the countries have already discussed partnerships in football. So, what are the chances of each country’s clubs to play in the RPL?

The RPL new club odds: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Last year, representatives of Kyrgyz, Armenian, Belarusian, Kazakh, and Russian leagues met in Moscow and discussed the issue of partnership in football. Also, the Russian Premier League management voted for an extension of the competition the same year. 15 members came out for changes, one was against. It means the almost undivided opinion of Russian football representatives to reunite with post-Soviet countries in sports. By the outcomes, Armenia and Kazakhstan are the countries that are interested in the deal the most.

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Kazakhstan and Armenia are still in.

22Bet Sportsbook gives 14.50 odds on any club from Armenia, Belarus or Kazakhstan to enter the 2020/21 RPL. Belarusian football clubs have the least chances to play in the Russian Premier League at least in the near future. Firstly, the Belarusian Premier League is not too small with 16 clubs playing in. Secondly, the forced postponement of all other European championships played for the BPL as it is the only active football competition on the continent. Therefore, there is no reason for clubs from the Belarusian Premier League to move to Russia at least in 2020. However, Kazakhstan and Armenia are still in.

Will they enter the Russian Premier League?

As European experience shows, foreign club’s participation in the domestic league can be very beneficial. It brings along more viewers and investors. Another reason for football clubs to enter the foreign league is the lack of competitors within their own. Thus, such Welsh clubs as Cardiff and Swansea play in the English Premier League. Monaco FC is the eight-time French Ligue 1 winner. San Marino FC performs in Italy, Andorra – in Spain. As we can see, there are numerous examples of successful cross-border competitions.

Armenia and Kazakhstan have the most chances to accept Russia’s offer. Why? Because their domestic leagues are less popular than Russian or even Belarusian ones. There are only 9 clubs playing in the Armenian Premier League, including the most successful Ararat-Armenia FC. At the same time, 12 squads compete for the leadership in the Kazakhstan PL, where Astana FC is the most frequent winner. Obviously, both leagues can’t compete with Russia by popularity, so it is reasonable for clubs to join.

Considering all mentioned above, RPL new club odds of 14.50 at 22Bet Sportsbook look very beneficial. Therefore, you can bet on one or several clubs from Armenia and Kazakhstan to enter the Russian Premier League. Regardless of what FC you think of while betting, you will win if it signs up.

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