Italy and Serbia Top Our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 Winner Predictions

  • Italy and Serbia with favorable odds of winning the 2019 Women’s EuroVolley
  • EuroVolley to be hosted in 4 nations: Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Slovakia
  • Italy, Serbia, the Netherlands and Russia expected to top respective Pools
Women’s EuroVolley 2019 Winner Predictions [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Soon, the Women’s EuroVolley competition will be live across 4 nations for the first time.  According to our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions, this year’s competition will be very tight. Consequently, the Serbia’s title defending campaign might not be a walk in the park. 

The 2019 CEV Women’s European Volleyball Championship will run from 23 August to 8 September. Additionally, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey are this year’s host nations. These are the top 5 nations betting odds on Unibet Sportsbook to back up their Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions: 

Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner betting odds at Unibet:
Italy 2.50
Serbia 2.50
Netherlands 7.50
Russia 9.00
Turkey 9.00

Our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions foresee win for Italy 

The Italian women’s national volleyball team currently stand the best chance on Unibet Sportsbook to win the 2019 EuroVolley competition. If Italy’s women can achieve this, they’ll record their 2nd title win adding to their 2007 and 2009 wins. Fortunately, they stand a good chance on the online sportsbooks in Hungary to walk away victorious with odds at 2.50

Additionally, winning the 2019 Women’s EuroVolley competition will be crucial for Italy. This is because they’ve failed to advance past the quarterfinals in the last 3 EuroVolley Championships. The Italian women’s national volleyball team will play in Pool B against Belgium, co-hosts Poland, Ukraine, Portugal and Slovenia. Although Poland could potentially cause problems for Italy, our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions foresee Italy topping Pool B.

File:Serbia national volleyball team at the 2012 Summer Olympics (7913882066).jpg
Bookies believe Serbia is capable to defend their title (cdephotos [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Serbia Women favored to defend their 2017 Women’s EuroVolley title win 

Similarly to Italy, Serbia also have leading odds on Unibet Sportsbook at 2.50 to add to their trophy cabinets. They were victorious in 2011 and they are the current Women’s EuroVolley champions thanks to their 2017 win. Overall, the nation has achieved a respectable record in the past 4 Championships with top 4 finishes. 

Consequently, our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions say Serbia could potentially pull of a consecutive title win. Serbia will play in Pool A together with Turkey – who are one of the must-see teams -, France, Finland, Bulgaria and Greece. Fortunately, it’s expected that Serbia will be among the 4 teams to advance to the Round of 16. 

The Netherlands look to record 2nd Women’s EuroVolley win following their 1995 victory 

According to the online sportsbook news in Hungary, the Netherlands women are also top 2019 Women’s EuroVolley contenders. Although they were last victorious in 1995, they’ve been consecutive finalists in the past two competitions. Perhaps with Unibet Sportsbook odds at 7.50, they can upgrade to Women’s EuroVolley champions this year. 

Additionally, they currently pose the biggest threat to Pool C competitors Azerbaijan, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary and Romania. Fortunately, according to our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions, they currently stand out as the team to top Pool C. 

File:Rio 2016, Women's Volleyball, South Korea x Netherlands (17).jpg
The Netherlands’ national team is a tough opponent for everyone (Minerva97 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Russia could soon extend their Women’s EuroVolley dominance 

Currently, Russia is the most successful Women’s EuroVolley nation with a total of 6 titles. Additionally, Russia (9.00) have also achieved top 6 finishes in all competitions since 1993. They were recently victorious in 2013 and 2015. However, they failed to defend their title in 2017. Having finished 6th at the 2017 Women’s EuroVolley competition, Russia will be eager to return to winning ways this year. 

It’s no doubt that Russia will dominate Pool D against Slovakia, Germany, Belarus, Spain and Switzerland. However, according to our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions, their performance in other competitions could affect their winning chances. Despite their 2020 Summer Olympics qualification, Russia finished 8th in the 2018 World Championships and 14th in the 2019 Women’s Nations League. Luckily, Russia’s women still have the potential to be among the 2019 EuroVolley medalists. 

Hosts Turkey hope their home advantage will produce favorable results at the 2019 Women’s EuroVolley 

Turkey is among the top 2019 Women’s EuroVolley top contenders with Unibet Sportsbook odds of winning at 9.00. They have yet to claim a victory in the competition, however, they came close in 2017 finishing in 3rd place. Fortunately, our Women’s EuroVolley 2019 winner predictions foresee Turkey advancing to the knockout stages. However, this year the competition for the 2019 title will be tough. 

Consequently, Turkey’s women will have to pull out all the stops if they’re to be the 2019 Women’s EuroVolley champions. Unfortunately, there are no confirmations regarding their 2019 Women’s EuroVolley squad. However, fans will be hoping to see Eda Erdem Dündar, one of the Best Middle Blockers in the 2017 competition. 

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