WRC 2019 Betting Tips: Ogier and Tanak Race for Championship

  • The next World Rally Championship is held in August in Finland
  • Ogier, Tanak and Neuville are racing ahead with high odds
WRC 2019 Betting Tips Favorite Ott Tanak
Ott Tanak is favored by WRC 2019 betting tips!

The next World Rally Championship (WRC) takes place in Neste, Finland. It is scheduled from the 1st of August to 4th August. In this article, we will focus on WRC 2019 betting tips. 

An old championship which started in 1973 and continues up to date. The championship will take place for 3 days. This year Ott Tanak, Sebastian Ogier, and Thierry Neuville are racing with the highest odds.

WRC 2019 betting tips:

World Rally Championship (WRC) 2019 

Ott Tanak

Thierry Neuville 4.50
Sebastien Ogier 4.50

Ott Tänak speeding to dominate the WRC 2019

Ott Tänak came in third in the 2017 and 2018 WRC. however this year he seems to be breaking the cycle. He started the year strong as he won a rally in Sweden, got second place in Mexico and then won rally Chile. It is highly likely that the trend will continue in the WRC in Finland. 

Tänak  (1.28) currently has the highest odds of winning in Bet365 sportsbook. He currently teamed with Martin Jarveoja and is racing for Toyota. The Estonian sportsman is returning to his home country not just for summer holidays but for a warm-up rally in July. he is easily the most popular sportsman in Estonia and will have thousands of people cheering him on. 

Ott Tanak 2019 WRC Betting Tips
Ott Tanak, always rushing to be the first

The WRC in Italy just ended and the win was grasped right out of Ott’s hands. He was ahead of the entire 6 stages of the competition. However, Tanak lost his power steering in the last stage of the competition. He was ahead the entire time but finished fifth. He was spinning with his Toyota and lost two minutes struggling with his Yaris. This definitely gives this spectacular driver more of a reason to win. 

Last year Tänak won the rally Estonia rally and then dominated in Finland; if he is about to repeat the same pattern this year, then bettors are in luck. 

According to online sportsbook news in Finland: “Ott and Martin are coming to the Shell Helix Rally Estonia as the leaders of WRC and I hope the good feeling they will get from here helps them to continue the second half of WRC season with victories.”

WRC 2019 betting tips do not suggest Thierry Neuville as the winner 

Thierry Neuville and his co-driver compete for Hyundai. Neuville has a personal tradition of finishing runner up in almost all of the World Rally Championships. This happened in 2013, 2016, 17 and 18. Will Thierry be able to break the curse this year? Well, anything is possible when it comes to rally. However, we think both Tanak and Ogier are more likely to be victorious. Right now Neuville and Ogier both have the same odds which is 4.50

WRC 2019 Betting Tips Thierry Neuville
Thierry Neuville

Despite a crash in his rally in Chile, he was uninjured and would want to return back to the rallying scene stronger than ever. That was an unfortunate incident because he was ahead of both Ogier and Tanak in Chile.

Despite the crash, Neuville remained upbeat about his title hopes. The situation is definitely not the one we wanted,” he said. “But we can look forward to the upcoming events. If we won’t be first in the championship, it gives us a better road position and more chances on a good result and the chance to fight back. The gap won’t be that big between me, Ogier and Tanak [after Chile].”

Sebastien Ogier the most successful WRC Champion

Sebastien Ogier (4.50) drives for  Citroën and he holds the highest number of championships wins. He has won 6 times consecutively from 2012 to 2018 .and he has eyes on the 7th one this August. 

WRC 2019 Betting Tips Sebastien Ogier
Sebastien Ogier hopes to be the black horse

In 2018/19 Ogier won Monte Carlo but he came in 10th in Sweden. After that Thierry managed to take the championship for most of the year. However, in the end, Ogier took what he had his eyes on, and grabbed the 2018 World Rally Championship. It is highly likely that he wins again this year, I mean it has already happened 6 other times. He is a very safe bet for this year’s championship. 

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