You Can Bet on Dunkirk’s Opening Weekend Box Office!

Bet on Dunkirk film

One of the biggest movies of the year will hit UK theatres July 21st, and members of Paddy Power can now bet on Dunkirk’s opening weekend!

The first trailer for Dunkirk dropped in December of 2016. Almost immediately, movie fans around the world began predicting that this Christopher Nolan – directed film would be the biggest of the year. With critical reception almost universally positive, these predictions will likely hold true.

Dunkirk will focus on the Dunkirk Evacuation, in which nearly 400,000 men were rescued from the French coast and brought to England. It’s one of the most incredible stories in the history of warfare and under Nolan’s eye the move should prove to be spectacular.

Paddy Power is likely the only online sportsbooks in the UK offering their members the ability to bet on Drunkirk’s opening weekend. Let’s take a look at the odds.

Dunkirk opening weekend betting odds

It’s always hard to predict how a film will do on opening weekend. There are so many factors that come into play, but in this case you can expect it to generate some serious money.

At the moment, Paddy Power lists Dunkirk’s odds to make $39,999,999 or less at 5/6. That would still be a commercial success, but some novelty betting experts believe the film will make much more.

The odds for Dunkirk to make more than $4,000,000 are exactly the same at 5/6. With the hugely successful reviews and powerful storyline, it wouldn’t surprise many to see the film surpass the $40 million mark.

If you want to bet on Dunkirk’s opening weekend, make sure to head to Paddy Power. Here you’ll find a huge list of great 2017 novelty bets. Make sure to follow GamingZion’s UK gambling news page to stay up to date on everything related to betting on films!

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