US Lottery Gambling Online is Available at Intertops!

Bet on the US lottery online

At Intertops, one of the best gambling sites in the world, US lottery gambling online is now available, however it might not be what you expect.

The Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the entire world. The grand prize for this incredible form of wagering has reached over $1.4 billion dollars before, and some studies estimate than an average of 30 million tickets are sold for each drawing. Now, one of the best online sportsbooks in the US is allowing their members to bet on the Powerball online, but in a much different way. Here are two wagers to make today.

Bet on the Powerball number

Instead of buying a ticket and trying to match all 6 of your numbers, you can simply bet on which number the Powerball will be! The odds here are obviously a much better opportunity to cash out.

For reasons not entirely known, the group of betting favorites is for the Powerball to be in between 21 and 26. The odds here are set at 4.00. The odds for the Powerball to be any other number between 1-20 are set at 4.75. If you want to bet on the US lottery online, this might be your best option to cash out.

Bet on whether the Powerball with be odd or even

Another great online lottery gambling option is to simply bet on whether the Powerball number will be even or odd. As the possible numbers range from 1-26, there is really no advantage for either when it comes to betting.

As a result, Intertops lists the odds for both even and odd exactly the same at 1.90. That means you have a 50% chance to make money betting on the lottery every single week!

Are you planning to bet on the US lottery online? Tell us in the comment section below!

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