Bet-at-home Sportsbook Launches Daily Log In Jackpot: Win Thousands of Euros Easily!

Posted: March 7, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

Bet-at-home Sportsbook’s log in jackpot offers hundreds, maybe even thousands of Euros for the luckiest players!

Bet-at-home Sportsbook offers an awesome log in jackpot, which now pay out €1,000, but it’s about to increase even more…

Are you looking for the best log in jackpot online? Bet-at-home Sportsbook happens to offer one of those at this very moment, and it’s possibly the best one you could find: All players have the same amount of chances to be drawn. A new name is drawn every day, and if you log in the day your name was drawn, you get your prize! The earnings increase by €50 every day, so you better check out the latest review about Bet-at-home Sportsbook and log in to your account every day!

  • Just log in and win!
  • Log in jackpot prize currently: €1,000
  • Prize increased by €50 every day!

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