Carbon Poker Is Awarding Accolades for Mobile Players

Carbon Poker is awarding their mobile players with an accolade icon

There’s no secret that poker players love money and the thrill that comes with the game but they’re also taking pride in their accomplishments.

Carbon Poker knows that being a poker player is a thing to be proud of and they are awarding accolades for those playing from their mobile devices. If you’re somebody who loves showing off your online ‘medals’, you’ll definitely appreciate this new development of the application.

Last year, Carbon Poker unveiled a real money mobile poker app so that players can compete for big pots and tournaments prizes on-the–go. But later on, they thought of developing it even further and decorate the determined mobile players with some sort of poker medal.
Poker enthusiasts who played in one Cash Game or Sit & Go using their mobile device or tablet at Carbon Poker, get a special mobile accolade. The accolade will be automatically awarded to any player who uses their mobile devices to play those games within 36 hours.
The medal-like icon is it is Carbon Poker’s way to encourage app users but it can be quite a bragging tool, because let’s face it, not anybody can be a poker player. Strut your stuff at the poker tables with the mobile accolade!

  • Put on your poker face
  • Grab your mobile device
  • Get an account at Carbon Poker
  • Play one Cash Game or Sit & Go
  • Wait 36 hours
  • Get your Accolade
  • Wear it with pride

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