Cash Prizes Promo at Omni Casino – Win up to $500

Qualifying for the cash prizes promo by Omni Casino takes just devoted playing. The more you play the hotter the seat gets and guarantees your $500 dollar win in the end.

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  • Available Games4.5
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement4.5
  • Prize Value4.0
  • Promotion Duration4.5
  • Wagering Requirement Difficulty4.5

Omni Casino presents the beloved cash prizes promo which is already widely known for so many. In detail, the promo wins the most votes from the casino members since 2011. So, the general idea is simple. Warm up the seat by playing until it’s hot enough to guarantee your $500 win.

Cash prizes promo – Keep playing and win some cash

Omni Casino surely has a wide base of fans who have their favorite promos. But, there is one promo that stands tall and enjoys most of the love. It’s the Hot Seat! For almost ten years it was chosen as by the members of the casino as the #1 casino promotion. 

With this promo, you are guaranteed to win $500 if you qualify for the hot seat. The rules for qualifying are quite simple. You simply have to “warm-up” your seat by playing any of your favorite games throughout a month. For each qualifying gaming day that you play, you will get one Hot Seat Point. The more days that you play, the hotter your seat gets. Which means the more cash prize you win with cash prizes promo. If you play 28 days or more during the promotional period you WILL win $500.00! 

The players must play a minimum any 5  out of 30/31 gaming days during a month to win a prize. A gaming day is defined as a unique day on the calendar. A minimum of $1,250 in “total wagers” placed per gaming day is required to earn 1 “Hot seat point”. 

Below we present the categories of “heat” which shows how much you will earn for playing for each amount of days.

‘Chilly’  5-6 Days $15

‘Warming’ 7-11 Days $40

‘Warmer’ 12-17 Days $105

‘Toasty’ 18-22 Days $215

‘Hot’ 23-27 Days     $330

‘JACKPOT HOT’ 28+ Days  $500

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