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You can find the most exciting 1xBET Sportsbook E-sports promotions for the next 7 days here. Check the E-sports bonus calendar to learn more about the different offers of 1xBET Sportsbook.

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Welcome to the best E-sports bonus calendar at 1xBet Sportsbook. In detail, here you will find the best E-sports promotions for the next seven days.

E-sports bonus calendar – Play League of legends get 10% cashback 

League of Legends combines the speed and depth of real-time strategies with elements of an RPG. So, watch online battles between two teams of mighty champions and place your bets!

Also, remember that bets are accepted before the start of a match and during the match (Live bets). In fact, matches play real players who enter at random.

Terms of winning:

The winner of a map or match is declared once the nexus of the opposing team has fallen or the opposite team have given up.

Should one or more players quit the game before it is complete and after 10 minutes of play, stakes will not be refunded. Bets on the match will be settled in any case.

A match shall be deemed abandoned if one of the players becomes inactive or goes offline in the first 10 minutes of the game or if the match lasts for less than 10 minutes.

Available markets:

  • Bets on W1 and W2
  • Total Frags
  • Individual Total
  • Team To Destroy The First Inhibitor
  • Total Even/Odd

Match Duration: ~14 minutes

Counter Strike – get 30% cashback 

Place bets on the match result! The game continues up to 11 wins (maximum 21 rounds).

Terms of winning:

If in a Bomb Defuse map a bomb was not planted – Counter-Terrorists win the round.

If in a Hostage Rescue map a hostage was not rescued within the time-limit – Terrorists win the round.

“Bomb Planted Yes/No” bet – it doesn’t matter at which point the bomb was planted (before or after all Counter-Terrorists are killed). It’s the fact of planting the bomb that counts.

W1 and W2 bets (in case of “Bomb Planted”) are settled as follows:

  • “Bomb Defused”, W1 – win, W2 – loss
  • “Bomb Exploded”, W1 – loss, W2 – win.

Available markets:

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap

Bet on Basketball win 10% cashback

Test your intuition and earn big money by placing bets on eSports basketball! Moreover, bets are accepted both before the event and LIVE.

Available markets (regular time):

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Totals (Over, Under).
E-Sports Bonus Calendar
Virtual basketball is super rewarding

E-Sports Bonus Calendar – bet on E-sports martial arts and get 20% cashback 

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – Mixed Martial Arts.

Terms of winning:

  • Submission – victory by submission.
  • Takedown – any successful throw.
  • Knockout KO – the opponent loses consciousness as a result of a strike permitted by the rules.
  • Knockdown – as a result of a strike, the opponent touches the ring floor by a third support point (i.e. a knee, a hand)
  • Technical knockout TKO – the fight is stopped by a third party due to one of the fighters not being able to continue. There are three types of technical knockout:
    • Referee stoppage. The referee decides that one of the fighters is unable to defend himself consciously and stops the fight.
    • Doctor stoppage. The ringside physician decides that further participation by one of the fighters would endanger his life or wellbeing.
    • Corner stoppage. A fighter’s corner second signals stoppage of the fight.

Types of markets:

  • Regular Time Win
  • Type of win: Points Victory (PTS), KO, TKO, Submission
  • Type of fighter win: Points Victory, KO, TKO, Submission
  • Fight duration (Bout Will End In Round ())
  • Totals (Total Knockdowns O/U (); Total Takedowns O/U ())

E-sports handball – 30% cashback 

You can place bets before the start of a match as well as LIVE. Also, all matches are streamed online.

Available markets (regular time):

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Totals (Over, Under)
  • Total Even/Odd
  • Double Chance.

Bet on E-sports tennis and get 30% cashback

Enjoy tennis even more by making a bet on this exciting sport! So, place a bet and make a profit on the victory of your favorite athlete!

Available markets. Handicap and Total bets are based on the number of games.

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Totals (Over, Under)
  • Correct Score
  • Total Even/Odd
  • Game Win.

You can place bets before the start of the match and LIVE. Also, all the matches are streamed online.

E-Sports Bonus Calendar
Who do you pick?

Duration: 1 set.

E-Sports Bonus Calendar – WORLD OF TANKs 10% CASHBACK

Watch epic tank battles online and place bets! Bets are accepted before the start of the game and LIVE. In fact, all the games are streamed online. Also, players in each team are selected randomly.

So, here are the terms of winning:

The winning team is the team that destroys all the enemy tanks (15) or captures the base.

If, at the end of the match, both bases are captured or neither team destroys all the enemy tanks, a draw is declared.

Team score – the number of destroyed enemy tanks (by any method).

Available markets:

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap
  • Total By Score
  • Capture The Base.

Duration: ~10 minutes.

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