eSports Floorball Promotion: Take Part and Get 20% Cashback


Posted: September 11, 2021

Updated: September 16, 2021

Take your chance to take part in the eSports floorball promotion and get 20% cashback at 1xBet Casino. Bets are accepted on traditional floorball where each team has six players.

GamingZion Editor's Rating

  • Available Games4.8
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement4.6
  • Prize Value5.1
  • Promotion Duration4.7
  • Wagering Requirement Difficulty4.2

Dear players! Take part in the eSports floorball promotion and win your share. As you can see, 1xBet Casino did everything for you to enjoy gambling and win. Esports, short for eSports, is transforming online gaming into a spectacular sport. Note that this is similar to watching a professional sporting event. Except that instead of watching a physical event, viewers watch video games competing against each other in a virtual environment.

Available markets for eSports floorball promotion:

  1. Regular Time Win
  2. Team Handicap
  3. Total
  4. Team Total. Match duration: ~25 minutes.

In the same way that fans of traditional sports enjoy watching the best athletes demonstrate superior prowess, the same can be said for those who watch the best video games compete.

eSports floorball promotion: Why is esports so popular?

Gamers love competition. They want to be the best. From 1972, when the winner of the first esports event received an annual subscription to Rolling Stone magazine, until today, with prize pools of up to 9 tens of million dollars, winning is the essence of playing video games.

Esports are also available. To practice traditional sports, you may have to organize people in the same physical space, whereas in games, you can instantly play with people from all over the world using an internet connection from the comfort of your own home.

  1. You must know, esports is a competitive game. These are teams of people playing against each other at a professional level, regularly winning huge amounts of money in prizes.
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