LottoKings Irish Lotto Online: Win up to €2 Million


Posted: May 14, 2024

Updated: May 14, 2024

Join LottoKings Irish Lotto online. Select your lucky numbers and get ready to win up to €2 Million.

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All countries around the world, including Ireland, usually run their own lotteries for entertainment. And so, LottoKings Irish Lotto online was founded in 1987 primarily to fund good causes and entertain the nation. And it has since evolved from being an Ireland-only game to being played throughout the UK.

The games you can play at the Irish National Lottery include Bingo, Millionaire’s Lotteries, and Instant Win games, which can be played at some UK online casinos. If you want to go on holiday or travel around the world while still being able to play the Irish Lottery, you can do so.

  1. Bet sizes usually start from a minimum of £2 per line, but these can vary depending on the casino or site.
  2. Remember, the Irish Lottery requires you to play 2 lines in order for your bet to start with a minimum of £4.
  3. The Irish Lotto jackpot consists of just 45 numbers and is 42 percent easier to win than its UK Lotto equivalent.

LottoKings Irish Lotto online: How to play the Irish lottery online?

All jackpots start at around €2 million and continue to increase until they are won. The record Irish Lotto jackpot is €18.9 million. Including the jackpot, there are 7 prize levels, which means players have every chance of becoming a lottery winner. The Irish Lotto awards nearly €225 million in prizes every year, with 1 in every 42 tickets being a winner.

So, if you want to play additional games you may have to pay an extra £1, but this depends on the casino game and the casino you play at. The Irish lottery consists of 47 numbers, starting with 1. You must select 6 numbers on your ticket. You can choose them manually or let the site choose them for you. Most importantly, you must be 18 years old.

  1. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Below is a simplified step-by-step guide to playing the Irish lottery:
  2. Just log into your chosen online casino or National Lottery website and buy a ticket to play.
  3. Place your bet. The minimum amount is £4 for 2 lines of £2 each.
  4. Easily select the number of draws you would like your ticket to be played for. You can choose between 1, 2, 4 or 8 draws.
  5. You can win prizes if you match 2 or more numbers, plus a bonus ball.

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