Online Penalty Guessing Game at Vbet Casino: Score the Winning Goals


Posted: February 2, 2021

Updated: February 2, 2021

Hurry up to take part in an online penalty guessing game at Vbet Casino. You will win in the “Penality” game if you place MIN € 0.1 and MAX € 170 bet.

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  • Available Games4.8
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement4.5
  • Prize Value4.9
  • Promotion Duration4.4
  • Wagering Requirement Difficulty4.5

Such great “Penalties” didn’t kick in your life yet…Hurry up to take part in online penalty guessing game promotion and get up to € 4000 to win by guessing penalty directions. Enjoy the new “Penality” game, with which you can win with 7 different odds at Vbet Casino.

How to Play?

  • The object of the game is to guess in which section of the goal the ball will appear or won’t appear.
  • The upper horizontal row: 1-8
  • The middle row: 9-16
  • The lower row: 17-24

During the game, the ball must appear or not appear in one of the mentioned 24 sections. The goal sections are painted yellow and blue.

Online penalty guessing game: How to Win?

So, you will win in the “Penality” game if you place MIN € 0.1 and MAX € 170 bet. Correctly predict one or all of the following outcomes:

  • The ball will appear in a specific section, with a number mentioned (i.e. in which number section the ball will appear)
  • So, the ball will appear in the mentioned color section
  • The ball will appear in the mentioned horizontal row
  • So, the goalkeeper will stop the ball
  • Failure (the ball will flow past the goal)

Payout Table and Odds

  1. Specific section (one of the numbers from 1 to 24) – x24
  2. Color (Yellow/Blue) – x2
  3. Upper horizontal row (1 to 8) – x3
  4. Middle horizontal row (9 to 16) – x3
  5. Lower horizontal row (17 to 24) – x3
  6. Ball stop – x24
  7. Failure – x24

When placing a bet, you are allowed to:

  • Cancel or repeat the last bet
  • Double all bets
  • Choose any outcome at random

However, you will have15 seconds to bet, and about 10 seconds to wait between game rounds

Bonus Game at Vbet Casino

  1. During the online penalty guessing game, each goal can trigger a bonus randomly, where the bonus fund accumulated from the bets (2% of each bet) is distributed among the Players who made bets on the given event.
  2. However, you can make bets with more than € 0.3 during the bonus game.
  3. The prize pool and bet amounts set for this game may fluctuate depending on the foreign currency exchange rate.

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