Sporting Speed Tournament: Over $4,500 in Fast Cash!


Posted: April 30, 2021

Updated: April 30, 2021

Take part in Sporting Speed Tournament and get your share. The world’s luckiest numbers we get exactly 1,000, which is precisely Betmaster’s top prize cash amount in euros!

GamingZion Editor's Rating

  • Available Games4.8
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement4.5
  • Prize Value5.1
  • Promotion Duration4.2
  • Wagering Requirement Difficulty4.3

In Betmaster Sportsbook, you will have the awesome opportunity to win top prizes! There are no speed limits on the road to success with Betmaster Sportsbook. It’s also good if Luck smiles, of course. If two or more players are tied for the single position at Sporting Speed Tournament then we will award the higher position to those who scored their points first. 
There’s over $4,500 in total!

Here are some speedy sporting facts.

  1. A tennis player can serve a ball of 263 km/h.
  2. A soccer ball can be kicked to 211 km/h.
  3. A cricket ball can reach 161 km/h.
  4. A hockey puck can speed at 184 km/h.
  5. A racehorse can gallop at 71 km/h.

Sporting Speed Tournament: terms and conditions

The Sporting Speed Tournament is held from 4:00 AM April 19, 2021, until 3:59 AM May 3, 2021.
To confirm your participation in promotion, just click on ‘Speed time!’. However, to gain points, you must play in the “Sports” category as well.


  • First player places 2x$0.1 bet for an event with odds = 1.5 -> Player1 gets 5x2x1.5=15 points
  • So, the second payer places $0.1 bet for an event with odds = 20 -> Player2 gets 5x1x15= 75 points
  • Third player places $0.1 bet for an event with odds = 1.2 -> Player3 gets 0 points

The minimum bet amount for Sporting Speed Tournament is $2. We will not take into consideration the bets lower for scoring purposes.
However, the only bets which you make with real money are considered eligible for the Betsamter extra promotion.

We will award 5 points multiplied by the event odds for every $0.1 bet placed in Sports
Check the min event odds = 1.5
However, the Sporting Speed Tournament maximum multiplier = 15 (if event odds are greater than 15, the multiplier will still be equal to 15)
Furthermore, the rewards will be paid out until 3:59 AM on May 4, 2021.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn everything about Betmaster Sportsbook just read our latest review about Betmaster Sportsbook.

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