Do You Want to Know How to Win a Lot of Money Online?

You came to the best place if you’ve been in search of how to win a lot of money online…

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Do you really want to know how to win a lot of money online? Easy-peasy: join this Tangiers Casino promotion…

…after doing that, all you need to do is win the 5th Street Race Championship at Tangiers Casino. You can do that by winning as many races (and hence, collecting tournament points) as possible up until 30 September. The winners are announced on 1 October. Because, yes, there is more than one winner: 20 players will win cash and chip prizes in total.

Tangiers CasinoTournament Prizes
These are the prizes you can get…

And the first prize? Well, the first prize will win an amazing Champion’s Trophy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the €25,000 cash prize either, that’s kinda cool too! The first 10 players win cash prizes of at least €1,000, and following 10 players win €500 chip rewards. Care to participate? Chcek out the latest review about Tangiers Casino and join today!

  • Win €25,000 + the Champion’s Trophy!
  • 2nd prize: €5,000; 3rd prize: €2,500
  • 20 players win cash and chip rewards…
  • Available until 30 September

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