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Gambling in Georgia

Georgia is one of the few South Caucasus countries where casino gambling is totally legal. The gambling industry in the country dates back to the times of NEP, when 2 casinos were opened in Tbilisi. They didn’t exist too long – only for three years – and were gradually being phased out until May 1928, when all gambling activities were banned on the USSR territory.

Nowadays, as of March 2017, while the neighboring Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijan have rather problematic gambling industries, Georgian casinos are open to everyone. However, the issue of gambling and especially problem gambling is on the rise in the country, with more and more outlets leading to negative effects. There’s a lot of talk among lawmakers and ordinary citizens on the bad side of gambling.

The general feeling of the population towards gambling is positive, lots of people choose is as one of their favorite pastimes.

Online gambling in Georgia

Online gambling in Georgia is totally legal currently, but back in 2010 it was mostly presented in a very special way – at interactive clubs. These clubs across the country represent a hall with computers connected to Internet and a variety of online local and foreign-based casinos. Georgian population mostly plays at online casinos via such clubs. However, as of March 2017, more and more people are accessing online gambling establishments from their homes or on their mobiles.

One of the most active enterprises in the online gambling sector of Georgia is InterPlay, which assists business in setting up the interactive clubs for online gambling.