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Casinos in Iran

There have never been any casinos in Iran, and there probably never will be. Iran is a Muslim nation, and under Islamic Law, gambling of any kind is strictly prohibited. This law accounts for the lack of casinos, poker rooms, and sports betting venues in the country. For most citizens of Iran, this ban on casinos and casino games is not a problem, because the law comes not from the government, but from their religion. The Koran teaches that destiny is predetermined, so gambling on games of chance is turning to luck, and therefore turning away from Allah. While not everyone in Iran is Muslim, the majority of citizens are, so the country's ban on casinos stands strong.

Online Casinos in Iran

Interestingly, Iran is one of the biggest online gambling countries in the region. There are no online casinos in Iran, because the government does not allow companies that are headquartered in the country to offer gambling services over the internet. Instead, players use foreign online casinos that are hosted far away in other countries where the government of Iran has no jurisdiction. By using these foreign casino websites, players in Iran can get access to a wide range of real-money casino games, everything from Baccarat to Poker, from Roulette to Slots. Because the gambling ban in Iran will probably never be lifted, internet casinos are the best way to play online casino games in Iran.