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Gambling in Lesotho

Gambling has been legal and regulated in Lesotho since 1989. The Casino Board is responsible for regulating all forms of gambling inside the country, including casinos, sports betting, and the national lottery.

In order for a casino to operate inside Lesotho, they must obtain a license from the Casino Board. These licensed are valid for 10 years, and can be renewed two years before its expiration. There is currently one casino operating from within Lesotho, called the AVANI Lesotho Hotel and Casino. This casino is located in the capital city of Maseru, and caters mainly to tourists.

It is perfectly legal to bet on sports in Lesotho, but only to players over the age of 18. There is little information on the number of licensed sportsbooks in Lesotho, but it has been reported that a number of companies exist inside Maseru.

Although the lottery is legal in Lesotho, there does not seem to be a national lottery currently in place. There is some evidence that a lottery was operating here in the early 2000’s, but it does not appear to be functioning anymore.

Online Gambling in Lesotho

There are no laws in Lesotho that mention the legality of online gambling in Lesotho. Internet gambling is currently unregulated here, and it is unclear whether an internet gambling site could operate here legally.

For now, the best option to gamble online in Lesotho is through a foreign gambling site that accepts Basotho players. Check out GamingZion’s list of online gambling sites in Lesotho and choose the one that’s right for you!