Mobile Casinos in Mexico June 2024

Mobile casinos in Mexico

Despite the fact that gambling industry in Mexico is growing, and there are even online casinos (locals do not have an access to them though), there are no Mexican mobile casinos yet. But it does not mean that Mexican player can not access some foreign mobile casinos in stead. Mexico is the second largest mobile market in Latin America after Brazil. Moblie penetration in Mexico approaches 85%. The biggest mobile operators is Telcel (maintains a 70% market share). The others are Movistar and Nextel – both of them hold better position in offering mobile data service, than Telcel. All mobile operators offer high speed 3G Internet that can be accessed directly over smarphones and other devices. Smartphone and tablet penetration rates among active internet users in Mexico stands at 45% and 16%, respectively. There are 23 million smartphone users in Mexico. >br> The broadband penetration rate in Mexico stands at 20.3%, including both fixed and mobile connections. There are 9.7 million mobile broadband connections, and a total of 14.4 million fixed broadband connections.