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Poker in Mexico

The poker phenomenon recently made its way to Mexico, and it's taking the country by storm. In the last few years, Mexican gambling laws have slackened, and casinos are opening in cities all across the country.

Table games are a new feature in Mexican casinos, nevertheless, today about dozen casinos can offer legal poker tables. Caribbean Poker is very popular, as well as Texas Hold’em and Stud Poker.

The biggest contributor to poker in Mexico in recent years has been the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT). In December 2008, the LAPT stopped in Nuevo Vallerta, and the event has been a huge success ever since.

Online Poker in Mexico

Fortunately, there are hundreds of online poker sites hosted in other parts of the world, and a lot of these sites will let players in Mexico join up and participate in live, real-money poker games and tournaments.

Until more casinos open up, and land-based poker games become more widespread, online poker in Mexico is a great way for locals to enjoy the game.