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Gambling in Oman

Gambling in Oman is illegal. The official religion of Oman is Islam, and under Islamic law, gambling is forbidden. As a result, Oman has no casinos or sports betting facilities. Playing poker or other casino style games is not allowed either. There are competitive sports and races in Oman, including camel races which offer prizes to the winners, but placing wagers on races or sports matches in Oman is strictly forbidden. In fact, wagering on the outcome of any contests or events is not allowed. These rules are heavily enforced, but like anywhere else in the world, some gambling in Oman does take place in underground facilities.

Online Gambling in Oman

Online gambling in Oman is also frowned upon, since it does not differ much from land-based gambling. The major difference, however, is that because online gambling takes place on the internet, the actual gambling is often said to occur where the gambling website is hosted, rather than where the game is played. This means that players in Oman use foreign internet gambling websites to place wagers on casino games, sports events, and so on. These gambling sites are hosted in countries where the laws of Oman do not apply, and the government of Oman has no jurisdiction there. Because of these loopholes, gambling online in Oman is the only way players can enjoy real-money casino games, poker tournaments, bingo, and fixed-odds sports betting.