Latest Online Casino Reviews in Sint Maarten - May 2024

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The Best Online casino Sites in Sint Maarten - 2024

Online Casinos in Sint Maarten

There are 13 casinos operating in Sint Maarten but none of them has an official license after the ruling out of the old legislation which was the base for their establishment and operations. So far, no explicit legislation has been proposed nor issued regarding the regulation of online casinos in Sint Maarten too. That is why this area is considered to be unregulated.  However, besides the unregulated status of online casinos, many offshore online casinos sites offer access to their games for residents of Sint Maarten. As various user statistics indicate, these companies report on having many players from the country, mainly attracted by the generous online casino bonuses and online casino promotions they provide for their customers.
Are online casinos legal in Sint Maarten? No, they are not regulated.
Are there trustworthy casino sites accepting players from Sint Maarten? Yes.
Can I deposit via PaySafeCard/Skrill/Trustly?  Yes.
Do online casinos sites accept ANG? Some. 

Online Casinos Laws in Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten does not have a special regulation for online casinos. The Sint Maarten online casino laws are still in a process of making, as the old State Ordinance for Hazard Games” from 1993, taken from the former Netherlands Antilles, was considered to be inappropriate for regulating gambling on the island. In 2017, the Department of Economic Licences of Sint Maarten disregarded this legislation by an imposed moratorium on the licensing in the gambling industry. The new legal framework is still to be issued. However, there are many international online casino platforms that fill the gap for online casino games in Sint Maarten by offering their products on the market. As online casino news sites report many payers from Sint Maarten, regularly access the sites of offshore companies that provide online casino games, attracting Sint Maarten’s residents with their special online casino promotions.

Online Casino Payment Methods in Sint Maarten

Online gambling operators accepting players from Sint Maarten aim at establishing strong ties between them and their customers by providing them with the necessary safety in every aspect of the games. For this purpose, they offer secured payment options mainly relying on the use of credit and debit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. However, there are also other options to deposit and withdraw money from their websites which include Skrill, PaySafeCard, Trustly, or Neteller. For more information on these other payment options check out our online casinos reviews directory.

Online Casino Sites Accepting ANG

Most online casinos accepting players from Sint Maarten count as online casinos sites accepting USD. So, in case you are using an online casino site that does not support your domestic currency, it is recommended for you to set up an e-wallet account on the currencies supported by the site in order to minimize the frequency of applying exchange fees.

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