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We all have a picture in our mind about a typical poker night with players in suits and black sunglasses. But actually you can wear less formal dresses in a casino, like a polo shirt and a pair of jeans. Though flip flops or shorts are really not recommended unless you play in a beach bar. Let’s read the most common dress code for a poker night.

Poker is a game full of signs; you only have to learn how to read and hide them. Everyone has a Tell, which gives them away, so you better try your best to suppress those. You are not in danger playing online, but panicking is a universal feeling whether you sit at the poker table or behind a screen. When you are on the edge of losing money, especially if you have a family, it’s normal to be scared and make bad decisions. However, we will show you how to stop panicking at the poker table.

The Asian gambling culture is much different than the western cultures. It has many features and concepts America and Europe are rarely familiar with. They host one of the most beautiful casinos to ever exist. Furthermore, they have unique games and cultural phenomena that make the whole experience unique for a foreigner. These differences show in their law and mentality about gambling.

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games with lots of different companies offering poker games on their sites. There is a big race for customers between them, motivating their creative people to create memorable TV commercials.  But the biggest poker tournaments like World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour have also come up with great ads. Let’s read more about the best poker ads ever. 

If you wish to master the legal card counting strategies right now, then you should get familiar with the Knock Out, Hi-Lo, and the KISS III strategies. Because they are one of the most efficient ways to count cards legally. Card counting is legal as long as you are not using any tools to keep track of the numbers. Therefore, no law or casino can ban you from using your brain and mathematical skills.

We collected the best hotels for the WSOP. If you are interested in a luxury experience, then you should visit Caesar's palace. However, if you are looking for a more lowkey and less expensive alternative, then you could simply visit The Flamingos. The most prestigious casinos in Vegas got their promo code from WSOP for you to use. Furthermore, you can also just stay in Airbnbs, as one of the most affordable alternatives available.

Looking for new challenges in poker? Learn how to play HORSE Poker - a unique and entertaining form of poker played in casinos, at online poker sites, and even the World Series of Poker. In this guide, we will explain all the rules of HORSE Poker with examples and winning strategies.

Each sport has its own rules and poker is no exception. What’s more, one of the biggest poker tournaments, the World Series of Poker has its own special regulation. Like different sanctions on bad behaving players or the ban of advertising crypto-currency and marijuana products. Both belong to the most unusual WSOP rules, see some more below. 

The World Series of Poker is about to begin. They plan to make the greatest poker event of the century, and knowing them, they are already doing it. If you are anxious then you should follow our advice about how to prepare for WSOP. Try to focus on your mental and physical health in the upcoming weeks, and let your poker-mind play at the table. Make sure to join the tournament with a strategy, and don't shy away from eating.

As you can imagine, a poker billionaire's life is full of glamour and luxury. We will introduce an American poker billionaire, Dan Bilzerian, to you. According to his social media accounts, Dan is not short of money and women. He was among the first Instagram stars who got famous only because of his pictures. Though, not about his poker career, but parties and, mostly, women. People call him the King of Instagram. He literally has an ever-changing and growing harem. Most men watch the playboy poker player’s pictures jealously. In this article, we will show you how poker billionaires live!