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We’re far from the Nations League finals but more than a hundred matches were played in June alone. In four matchdays alone we witnessed plenty of goalscoring as well. As you might know already, the 2022/2023 Nations League has four leagues or bigger “groups”. First and foremost we will be focusing on League A and the 16 teams in it. Additionally, we’ll also talk about the four sets of teams or four groups within League A and look at each team’s chances of advancing to the next round.

An eating competition might seem simple, sometimes even barbaric, but the participants have to follow some rules like in any other contest! It’s not like they sit at a large table and eat as quickly as possible, then it's over. The International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) was founded in 1997 to bring together all the small eating competitions. The association is responsible for the rules of eating competitions, for example, how many pieces of a particular food can be consumed in a given time. So they also give us hints about Nathan’s hot dog eating contest 2022 odds, which we will check out below!

We have collected the best LOL players to bet on during the 2022 international championships. Furthermore, these are the top picks for the running LCS, LPL, LCK, and other regional championships. You will not be surprised to find out that Faker is still one of the names you will run into in topics such as this. However, the former members of TSM have created the best roster in North American history under the banner of TL.

The 2022 Wimbledon is nearly here but it's not too late to put your bets. Do you have any favorites? If not we are here to tell you all about this year's odds. Keep tuned for the 2022 Men's Wimbledon betting odds!

This summer is full of interesting movie premieres including Minions: The Rise of Gru. Will it be as successful as the previous four animated films featuring funny yellow creatures? The latest Minions 2 box office predictions are trying to guess whether The Rise of Gru will rise at the box office or fall below expectations.

At this time, the 36th season of Premiership Rugby is the talk of the town. What’s more, we have the top 2023 Gallagher Premiership betting odds to cover this year's action. This time, the Premiership Rugby predictions have singled out the Saracens as this year’s best Gallagher Premierships bets.

Extreme sports are dangerous in general; that is why many adrenalin junkies try them. However, there are heart-stopping extreme sports moments where a tiny mistake can cost someone their life. Skydiving, mountain climbing, free diving, etc., attracts more and more passionate pro and amateur athletes. Moreover, many people try to do traditional sports in extreme conditions and take them up a notch. Let’s see some brave adventurers! 

The 2022 World Rally Championship continues this weekend with the Safari Rally in Kenya. The 8-time WRC champion Sebastien Ogier will return to the race to defend his title. Just like his old rival, Sebastien Loeb who will compete in the tough terrain for the first time. The 2022 WRC Kenya winner odds also mention the current championship leader Kalle Rovanpera and the 2019 champion, Ott Tanak among the favorites. 

The 2022 WSL Women’s Championship Tour is heating up with only four rounds remaining on the calendar. We look into the odds of the five top surfers in the competition and review their achievements. Who will likely clinch the World Title at the end of the season? Here is all you need to know before you take action in your surf betting on the WSL Women’s Championship in 2022.