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Gambling in Taiwan

During the late 1990s, the Taiwanese government also sent a team to Las Vegas to study the casino industry, especially its connection with the city's crime rate. This was done in preparation of the legalization of gambling in Taiwan.

A 2009 amendment to the Offshore Islands Development Act authorized casinos to be built on the islands of Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu. No casinos have been built yet, but the issue is constantly on the table.

The local population is, on the whole, enthusiastic about the recent birth of the gambling industry, but of course there are those who believe it is a bad idea. At least the government is anxious to get the industry rolling because they believe regulated gambling could give the Taiwanese economy the boost it needs right now.

In the past, the authorities also charged players from time to time, for gambling on offshore online sites.

Online Gambling in Taiwan

Laws in Taiwan do not allow domestic provision of online gambling and the authorities have been enforcing this ban strictly. Article 268 of the Criminal Code prohibits furnishing a location for gambling, or soliciting people to gather for gambling.

This has generally been interpreted to also cover online gambling,

Gambling through foreign sites is also disallowed, but like anywhere else in the world, Taiwanese players do gamble on the internet. Online gambling has been especially popular in Taiwan because of the lack of legal land-based gambling. Although casino projects are underway, players do not yet have access to casino-style gambling in Taiwan.