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การพนันในประเทศไทย | การพนันออนไลน์ในประเทศไทย - Gambling in Thailand

Thailand has very strict gambling laws. While it is legal for Thai players to place wagers on horse racing and on the limited national lottery, all other forms of gambling are illegal. This includes casinos, poker, bingo, and sports betting. In spite of the ban, gambling is big business and there is a huge underground gambling industry in Thailand. One estimate suggests as much as 70% of the adult population gambles regularly, generating approximately USD 6 billion in annual revenues. Although there are occasional crackdowns, widespread police corruption preclude any changes taking place.

Cockfighting and bullfighting are also very popular events in Thailand, with lots of money changing hands around the arenas in the form of illegal wagering.

The primary form of legal gambling in Thailand is the national lottery. It was started in 2003, mostly because a large underground lottery system had already been operating and the government felt the best way to drive it out was to create an officially sanctioned lottery system. But even the legal lottery is not immune from illegal activities - in 2006 the prime minister and other government officials were accused of skimming more than $1 billion from state lottery revenues.

Online Gambling in Thailand

Online gambling in Thailand is also forbidden. The Thai government does not provide licenses that would allow internet gambling websites to be hosted in Thailand. In fact, they have never even considered allowing for online gambling in Thailand since land-based gambling is mostly forbidden.

In spite of the ban on internet gambling players still gamble using foreign online gambling sites.

These websites are hosted in different countries, places where the Thai government has no jurisdiction. This means there is little they can do to prevent players in Thailand from using them. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is, however, monitoring the situation, for instance blocking access to such websites. A state agency under the Ministry is red-flagging telephone numbers for unusually heavy-use during the Poker Tournaments in attempt to monitor and determine whether these numbers are involved in illicit gambling. There are many online gambling sites that accept Thai players, though few are available in Thai.