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Gambling in Uganda

Gambling is technically legal in Uganda, however in many parts of the country it is unregulated. The first steps to regulate gambling in Uganda came in 1967, when the government passed the National Lotteries Act, and again in 1968 with the Gaming and Pool Betting (Control and Taxation) Act. These bills were eventually merged and streamlined by the Lotteries and Gaming Bill of 2013.

A legal government body in Uganda is responsible for overseeing, controlling, and issuing licenses to gambling operators within the country. Uganda is still a developing country struggling with poverty, and many of the gambling that takes place here is not regulated.

In 2013, the Ugandan government attempted to tighten its grip on gambling but doubling the licensing fees for operators to $3,500 and banning and gambling establishments in Uganda from operating near public facilities such as churches, markets, and government offices.

The capital city of Kampala is the only place in the country where casinos exists. These establishments offer poker table games, slot machines, and video poker games. Gambling is extremely popular in Uganda, and will likely grow to become more regulated as the country develops.


Online Gambling in Uganda
Uganda’s government allows online gambling as well. They provide licenses to online operators within the country, as long as the operators abide by the Lotteries and Gaming Bill of 2013.

A recent study shows that only 16.2% of the Ugandan population uses internet. This does not bode well for online gambling sites in Uganda, but internet use is likely to grow in the coming years.

There are a few online gambling sites currently operating in Uganda that offer a variety of gambling options such as online sports betting and online casino games, and a large number of foreign gambling sites accept Ugandan players.