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Gambling in Yemen

Gambling in Yemen is not allowed. Yemen is an Islamic country, and under Islamic law, all forms of gambling, betting, and wagering are strictly forbidden. People in Yemen mostly support this gambling ban, since it has religious origins, and do not grieve the lack of casinos, sportsbooks, bingo halls, poker rooms, and lotteries in the country. People in Yemen who do wish to gamble sometimes try to use underground gambling venues like illegal casinos or poker halls, but these are not very reliable places to give money to, and they inevitably get shut down by the police, causing players to lose all their wagers. Illegal gambling in Yemen, however, is not a major problem.

Online Gambling in Yemen

Online gambling in Yemen is also forbidden. The government does two things to enforce this ban on gambling when it comes to gambling on the internet. First, the government does not provide gambling licenses that would allow local or foreign companies to operate internet gambling websites from within Yemen. Second, they have put smart filters in place to sort through internet websites and to block all sites that are related to gambling so that players in Yemen cannot even access them. However, these filters are not very effective, and players often find sites that slip though the cracks. These sites are hosted in countries where gambling is legal, and many will let players from Yemen sign up to play real-money casino games, poker, and bingo, and to bet on sporting events.