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Casinos in Yemen

There are no casinos in Yemen. The reason for this is quite simple – all forms of gambling in the country are illegal. This gambling ban comes straight from Islamic Law, which forbids the act of placing bets or otherwise wagering on the outcome of events. Because Yemen is an Islamic country, the law applies, and most citizens fully support it. The law means that Yemen has never had any casinos, and probably never will. It also applies to casino games played outside of casinos, even if the games are played just for fun. Because of this gambling ban, many people in Yemen have never even been exposed to casino style games like poker, roulette, and blackjack, and the government of Yemen works hard to keep such things out of the country.

Online Casinos in Yemen

Online casinos in Yemen are also banned, but players find ways around it, since internet casinos are the only way to play casino games in the country. The government of Yemen does not allow companies to set up internet casinos and other gambling websites within the country, so players looking to play online casino games must use foreign gaming websites. The government realizes this, and therefore has put filters in place to try to block such websites from reaching players in Yemen. These filters are not perfect, and many sites find their way through. It is at these unfiltered online casinos where players in Yemen can enjoy real-money casino games. Since the sites are hosted in countries where online gambling is legal, and where the government of Yemen has no jurisdiction, very little can be done to prevent players from gambling online in Yemen.