Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Albania - July 2024

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Online DFS in Albania

Online DFS sites in Albania are not legally regulated. There is an ongoing debate on the status of this type of game, but considering the ban on online gambling, it is possible that the game would not be considered legal either.
Is online DFS legal in Albania? No.
Are DFS sites in Albania trustworthy? Yes.
Can I deposit via Neteller/PaySafeCard/Skrill?  Yes.
Do online DFS sites accept ALL? No. 

Online DFS Laws in Albania

The online gambling environment has drastically changed since the Law No. 75/2018 On Several Amendments and Changes to Law No. 155/2015 On Gambling in the Republic of Albania was enforced. Until 2019, it was legal to gamble online in any game, but now Albanians are not allowed to access those websites, though they are still able to circumvent the law.  Moreover, the situation regarding Daily Fantasy Sports might be seen differently. That is, many countries are declaring the game as one of skill and not chance, which automatically puts it at a different level of other forms of gambling. Even though the Albanian Government hasn’t commented on the game yet, it is likely that it could be seen as such in the country as well.  And despite the fact that it has a small population, Albania could be an interesting market for operators. Football is the most popular sport and it had rapid growth in recent years with the national team participating in the UEFA Euro 2016 for the first time. Albania also has a women’s team already, which was created in 2011. But there are many other sports that fill the population with enthusiasm, such as basketball and weightlifting - which has been responsible for most medals at an international level. 

Online DFS Payment Methods in Albania 

There are several payment methods available when playing in online DFS sites in Albania. Naturally, these are all transparent and legitimate. In this way, the credit and debit cards of VISA and MasterCard are commonly accepted, but there are other alternatives that are as efficient and reliable. These include Skrill, Neteller or PaySafeCard. For more information, consult the online DFS reviews directory

Online DFS Sites Accepting ALL 

Daily Fantasy Sports are only now expanding to Europe. This means that operators are still trying to settle in bigger markets, such as the UK. As a result, the currencies available are still limited, which is why it is not possible to find online DFS sites accepting ALL yet.