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Gambling in Albania

The specific law that regulates the field of gambling in Albania, as of February 2017, is the new Law no. 155/2015, “On gambling in the Republic of Albania”, published in the Official Gazette no. 251, on 20.01.2016. According to this law all forms of gambling in Albania are considered to be legal. The Gambling Supervisory Authority is overseeing the functioning of the sector by implementing a Central Online Monitoring System.

While 70% of the country’s population is Muslim, gambling laws allow casino gambling since the early 2000’s, with the first – and so far only – casino opening in the capital, Tirana, in 2005.

There are also a number of slot parlours around the country, with 10 operators licensed to provide services. Most of these operate several gambling halls throughout the country. There are also 6 licensed sportsbook operators, 4 bingo operators and a National Lottery.

Online gambling in Albania

Online gambling in Albania is still underdeveloped. While the country has experienced a boom of land based gambling objects in the past few years, the online sector is still waiting for its growth.

Various international gambling sites are, however, freely available from Albania, as of February 2017. There is also one licensed online sportsbook in the country, Xhoilotto, which came online in 2013, after signing a deal with SBTech.