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Gambling in Anguilla

Anguilla, a British overseas territory with a private and quiet lifestyle, has no casinos or lottery games. The main reason behind that is the extremely religious nature of the inhabitants. Thus the Church Council of the island doesn't tolerate the operation of any casinos, and makes sure that these facilities are banned continuously by Anguillan gambling laws.

is the only form of gambling that is legal in Anguilla. However, bingo is limited to special occasion land based events only, usually to feasts like the Christmas bingo night, or the summer festival which is a period with traditional activities like boat-racing in the day and carnival in the night.

Though Anguilla being a popular tourist destination and a tax haven with offshore banking and offshore incorporating within its main industries, visitors have to take a ferry ride to find a proper gambling location. The near island of St. Maarten is a perfect solution, offering more than a dozen of casinos for players.

Online Gambling in Anguilla

The Church Council’s influence is effecting the online section too. Thus it is prohibited for internet gambling companies to register and operate in Anguilla for reasons similar to those that apply to the land based operators. Companies offering online binary options and Forex trading are permitted however. Players can find a few gambling sites worldwide officially accepting players from Anguilla.