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Gambling in Azerbaijan

As of February 2017 gambling in Azerbaijan is considered to be illegal, at leastwhen casino games are concerned. However the casino situation was not always like this in the country. On December 15, 1992, a law on entrepreneurial activities was established in Azerbaijan. According to the law, all companies had to get registered at the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan. The first casino in Azerbaijan called “Admiral Eka” was opened in Baku in “Azerbaijan” hotel in 1991. There were 2 blackjack tables, 1 roulette, and a little more than 10 slot machines in the casino.
3 more casinos were opened in 1993. Slot halls started to grow progressively.

In 1996, according to the renewed law on entrepreneurial activities, the gambling industry became a special kind of entrepreneurial activity requiring licensing. By that time, several large casinos have been already operating in the country.

As of thebeginning of 2017, however, there are no legally working casinos in Azerbaijan. By the Heydar Aliyev Presidential decree, gambling industry is forbidden in the country since 1998 (as “gambling conflicts Azerbaijani population’s moral principles”). Casinos and betting shops were “replaced” by sports lotteries and totalizators.

Lotteries remain the only legal gambling sector in Azerbaijan. The Presidential decree allowing lottery business was signed on November 23, 2001; and on February 25, 2002 the rules of conducting lotteries were legally approved, and OJSC “Azerlottery” got the rights for this activity.

On March 5, 2004 all legal acts concerning aspects of gambling industry functioning were consolidated in one main act of legislation “About lotteries”. All further changes in gambling industry legislation were related only to lottery business. Online casino is the only option at the present moment. All kinds of gaming are available online.

Online Gambling in Azerbaijan

Although land based casinos are illegal in the country the online gambling in Azerbaijan, due to its mainly unregulated status seems to be available in all its variety. Thus thanks to the “Inter-play” company which is active in Azerbaijan at the present time, as ofFebruary 2017, it’s possible to create Interactive clubs and connect to online casinos.The list of games includes poker, roulette, blackjack, legendary video slots “Strawberry”, “Pyramids”, “BookOfRa”, “CrazyMonkey” and others.

When casino games are concerned online gamblers from Azerbaijan can still not play on domestic sties, but only on international ones.