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 Gambling in Bolivia

The gambling industry in Bolivia is relatively undeveloped, because all gambling was illegal for much of the last century. In 1930 gambling was banned in mining areas in the country. Then in 1938, gambling in Bolivia was banned altogether. Things stayed this way for more than 60 years, creating a fruitful ground for illegal gambling. In order to prevent its growth, in 1996 the government had to grant temporary licenses to 200 slot machine parlors and casinos. Gambling in Bolivia has been owned and controlled by LONABOL (National Lottery Commission of Charity and Health) since 1996. Finally, in 2002, casinos were legalized again.

In 2011 a new Gaming Control Board was created and assigned as the only government entity empowered to grant licenses (valid for 10 years), to tax and control gaming in Bolivia.

Nowadays there are only 4 legal operators in Bolivia: Lotex, Corhat, Jet Games and Star Mirage.

Despite the legal status of gambling, illegal gambling in Bolivia is still widespread. About 200 slots parlors and over 4,000 slot machines are operating illegally.

Online Gambling in Bolivia

Because of the relatively new gambling industry, the Bolivian region has been slow in taking under consideration the issue of online gambling. There are currently no rules or regulations that mention gambling on the Internet, and the government of Bolivia takes no actions to prevent players from accessing or using foreign online gambling websites. There are hundreds of sites where Bolivian players can gamble on the Internet. Many offer Spanish-language services, and some even take bets in Boliviano. These foreign gambling websites offer everything from casino games and poker to bingo and sports betting. Until the Bolivian government expands the local gambling industry, internet gambling sites are the best places for Bolivians to gamble.