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Poker in Bolivia

The gambling industry in Bolivia is young, and it started to develop just a decade ago. Prior to 2002, most gambling activities in the country were illegal. Poker was hard to find in Bolivia in the past, merely because it wasn’t very popular. Even the largest Bolivian casino chain - Bingo Bahiti didn’t have tables for poker, but could provide their visitors with video poker only. Today there are more than 80 casinos in Bolivia that offer different gambling activities, including traditional poker and video poker as well. The interest towards poker has been increasing, and in 2009 the Fist National Championship of Poker was hold in Bolivia.
Online poker in Bolivia

Players who fancy to play online poker in Bolivia can use internet poker rooms. There are no Bolivian hosted internet poker sites, as Bolivian online gambling is yet to be established. Though there are plenty of foreign websites offering poker games online that accept players from Bolivia. These foreign sites are hosted in countries where the Bolivian government has no jurisdiction. So, there is little they can do to keep players from using them. Because of the lack of table poker games in Bolivia, online poker sites look like the best option.