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Gambling in Cayman Islands

With 16 online casino games, Internet Casino Inc. made history in 1995. It was the world’s first online casino and it was launched in Turks and Caicos Islands. They were a true pioneer back then as no other nation close to them saw the potential behind online gaming. Players could even make use of the hugely popular Indian National Lottery, which helped broaden the overall gaming service provided on the Islands. Seeing what great success Turks and Caicos achieved with online gaming, other nations in the Caribbean quickly followed suit.

Despite being the first in the online gaming market, the exotic nation eventually lost the battle to other countries in the region as they could no longer cope with the immense competition. This is what led to many online casino sites closing down, which is why in the present day players can no longer practice their favorite gaming activities.

Online Gambling in Cayman Islands

The three Islands located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica are full of nature’s treasures. While all sorts of gambling is illegal on the Island, many online casinos advertise themselves as accessible from the Cayman Islands. Although it might be possible to reach these sites from the Islands it is definitely a source of danger and illegal.