Online Gambling Sites in Chile - July 2024

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Gambling Laws in Chile

Gambling in Chile is legal in all of its land-based variety. The Chilean gambling legislation contains several central acts regulating gambling in the country. These acts include the Law No. 4.566 from 1929 regulating the hippodromes (Ley N° 4.566. Ley general de hipódromos), the Law No.19.995 from 2005 regulating the casinos (Ley N° 19.995. Establece las bases generales para la autorización, funcionamiento y fiscalización de casinos de juego), the Decree No.547 from 2nd of May 2005 adding further regulation to the casino games, (Decreto N° 547, 2 mayo 2005 Reglamento de juegos de azar en casinos de juego y sistema de homologación) as well as the various laws on the functioning of the lottery operators in the country. Thus, according to these acts, all forms of land-based gambling are legal in Chile. Online gambling, in general, is unregulated in Chile, as of September 2018. Consequently, no operator has been licensed to specifically provide online gambling services of any sort in the country. The only exception is the lotto companies that do offer online lotto and sport betting games on the market legally based on interpretation of the existing land-based lottery acts. The regulatory body of the land-based activities in the country is Departamento Jurídico de la Superintendencia de Casinos y Juegos (SCJ). According to Chilean gambling laws minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in gambling activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Chile?

Online gambling in Chile is unregulated with the exception of online lotto and online sports betting organized by the national lotto providers.

Online Casinos in Chile

There are 12 licensed land-based casino operators in Chile, as of September 2018, spread all across the country. However, none of them has launched an online casino in Chile, licensed under the current laws of this country. Due to the unregulated status of online gambling in the country foreign internet casino sites are freely accessible from within Chile. Regarding land-based casino opportunities is worth mentioning that Casino Vina del Mar is the biggest gambling facility in the country, offering over 1000 slot machines and organizing regular gambling tournaments.

Online Poker in Chile

All land-based operators in Chile, offer land-based poker on the Chilean market as of September 2018. However, none of them has launched a specialized online poker sites in Chile, licensed under the current laws of this country. As there are no special Chilean online poker laws, and this market is rather unregulated, foreign internet poker sites can freely be accessed from within Chile.

Online Lottery in Chile

The main lottery laws in Chile is the Law 18568 which establishes the norms of functioning of the Lottery of Concepcion (Ley 18568 que establece normas sobre la la Lotería de Concepción) from 1986, as well as the Law 20851 (Ley 20851 Regula la realización de bingos loterías u otros sorteos similares con fines de beneficios o solidaridad) from 2015. According to these laws, lotto games are legal in Chile if offered by the licensed lotto companies. However, in the lack of Chilean online lottery laws, the licenses for land-based lotto games are considered to also include online lotto games. Lotería de Concepción, formed in 1921, is one of the most famous lotto providers on the market. One of the most popular games they currently offer on the market of online lotto in Chile is Al fin le Achunte, launched in 2017. The other famous domestic lottery is Polla Chilena de Beneficiencia, which organizes the lotto games Lotto3 and Lotto4 but also betting games. Both games are available also online.

Online Bingo in Chile

As it is the case with the legal regulation of other types of online gambling games, there are also no specific Chilean online bingo laws. Although land-based bingo is pretty popular in Chile, with more than 10 bingo halls spread across the country, the online bingo is rather unregulated. Consequently, there are no specialized sites for online bingo in Chile, licensed under the laws of this country. Bingo sites, licensed elsewhere, can easily be accessed from the country.

Online Sports Betting in Chile

Sports betting as well as online sports betting in the country is regulated with the lottery acts, as the lottery providers are the only ones with a license to organize betting games too. The only online sportsbook sites in Chile are run by the Polla Chilena. They administer the site Polla Xperto which provides various opportunities for betting including live betting. Foreign internet sportsbook sites are not blocked from targeting players in Chile.

Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Chile

Online DFS sites in Chile do not have a legally regulated status. There is an ongoing debate on the status of this type of game, but considering the legality of online sports betting in the country it is very probable that internet Daily Fantasy Sports would soon receive a legal status in Chile.