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Bingo in Costa Rica

Bingo is a pretty young gambling activity among locals, and it has just started to become popular. This was probably just due to lack of exposure. While this lottery-style game enjoys fame in most English-speaking countries, it has just not yet spread to some parts of the world.

Currently Costa Rica can offer about 50 casinos, plus many other smaller gambling halls, where bingo can be found. Commercial bingo halls are also present. For example, the most popular place to visit and play bingo in San José is Grand Bingo Multicolor.

Online Bingo in Costa Rica

The government enforces this, making Costa Rican internet gambling companies turn away local players. Instead, Costa Ricans looking for real-money online bingo games can just use foreign Bingo websites.

There are hundreds of these on the Internet today, and many will accept Costa Rican players. Many sites will be in English, but there are some Spanish-language online bingo sites too.