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Lottery in Costa Rica

Lotto in Costa Rica is extremely popular among the habitants. The name of their national lottery is Punto Max, and it offers Lotto, Nuevo Tiempos and Pitazo. All of them are number games and Pitazo is the one involving sports. One has to guess whether a team will win, lose or tie, it is basically a Toto.

Like in many countries, online gambling news in Costa Rica emphasizes the fact that the state lottery gives a large portion of the proceeds to charities and social support groups. Lottery tickets can be bought at almost every street vendor. Scratch cards are also available. Each year, there is a special Christmas Lottery draw.

Online Lottery in Costa Rica

Finding an online lottery in Costa Rica is not all that easy. Since Costa Rica gambling laws are going through a turbulent time, with many people for and lobbyists against online gaming, online lottos are affected by events. The national lottery in Costa Rica offers no online options, but there are some pretty good sites that give you the opportunity to become a lottery winner if you still have the urge to play in the country.

A large number of these lotteries can be played from Costa Rica, and thankfully, they are fun and highly interactive. In order to see which ones you can choose from, take a peek at our list of the best lotto websites in Costa Rica.