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Bingo in Czech Republic

The gambling industry in the Czech Republic is big. In fact, it is one of the most gambling countries in all of Europe. With over 100 casinos, it has some of the most relaxed gambling laws in the world. Despite this, it is not easy to find a game of bingo in Czech Republic. The game simply has not caught on and is not very popular. More importantly, the laws are such that bingo probably can't be played outside of casinos, so unless Czech casinos offer the game, there will be no legal places to play bingo in the Czech Republic.

Online gambling in Czech Republic is legal, but the only Czech internet gambling sites are sportsbooks. Players looking for internet bingo in the Czech Republic must use online bingo sites from other countries. By using these foreign internet bingo sites, Czech players will be able to enjoy real-money online bingo games around the clock. The games will almost certainly be in English, but until bingo in the Czech Republic becomes more popular, these sites will be the best way for Czech players to play online bingo.


Online Bingo in Czech Republic

In 2012 the Czech government approved a new gambling regulation, which resulted in great discontent among operators and was also found to be against the applicable EU directives. The regulation was eventually cancelled in March 2013, and a new draft is being developed, which will include extensive online gambling regulations. It is widely expected that foreign gambling operators will be able to get Czech licenses, so more domestic bingo opportunities may emerge at that time.