2018 World Cup WAGs – Check out the Hottest Footballers’ Wives and Girlfriends

2018 World Cup WAGs – Check out the Hottest Footballers' Wives and Girlfriends

When you see some of the below beauties, there’s only one thing that can come to mind and that’s the phrase of legendary “love guru” Borat, “IS A NICE!” Take a close look at some of the most beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, super-attractive 2018 World Cup WAGs that could be following their men on the international stage this summer. Take this opportunity to bet on 2018 World Cup with online sportsbooks in Russia.

10. Wanda Icardi (wife of Mauro Icardi)

source: Instagram

Let’s kick off with a blonde bombshell that comes in the form of Wanda Icardi (formerly Wanda Nara), who is 7 years senior to her husband and Inter striker Mauro Icardi. Despite scoring loads of goals over the past few years, it’s unclear whether he will feature for Argentina at the 2018 World Cup, since the likes of Messi, Higuain, Aguero, Dybala and Di Maria are ahead of him in the pecking order. But not to worry, we’re sure Wanda’s “wonders” will actually do wonders for Mauro’s mind not to wander…

9. Amine Gulse (fiancee of Mesut Ozil)

source: Instagram

This one’s a real “Turkish delight,” although I doubt that’s what Turks had in mind when they coined the phrase. Nonetheless, Amine is a delight. I mean, just look at her, she looks like the kind of girl that you can take home and introduce to your parents without worrying that her images might pop on the internet. Oh wait, there’s a twist! The internet is filled with images of her, and at times she’s scantily clad. “Naughty, naughty,” as Borat would say, but that’s because she’s a model and many more things that fall under the WAG job-title cliché. She’ll be backing her German fiancee Mesut Ozil this summer, who somehow strangely has a Turkish-sounding name. Hmmm, that’s a real conundrum there, isn’t it?

8. Shakira (wife of Gerard Pique)

Come on. This 2018 World Cup WAG needs no introduction, unless you’ve been living without a TV and/or a PC without an internet connection for the last 15-something years. Fun fact, although she looks miraculously young she’s actually 41 years of age (that’s what having lots of money does to you), and is 10 years senior to Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique. It’s presumed they’ve been in a relationship since 2010, which means that then 23-year-old Pique pulled off one hell of a job by managing to convince then 33-year-old Shakira to go out with him. But then again, I guess that’s what money, fame and good looks get you. As for me, I look at her poster in my room sometimes, contemplating what could have been between us.

7. Annie Kilner (girlfriend of Kyle Walker)

source: Instagram

Let’s be honest here. Whenever there’s an international football tournament coming up, the English get super fired up about it, however they never win anything or reach the latter stages of any competition. So it’s incredibly strange that every 2 or so years, the English fans get disappointed with their national side’s performance at a major tournament. Do I lie? Think about it. But luckily for them, they’ve got additional support from their WAGs in the stands; one of the most beautiful English fans has to be Annie Kilner, who has dating Man City defender Kyle Walker.

6. Edurne (girlfriend of David de Gea)

source: Instagram

This one really is a typical WAG. Edurne is a singer who also has the amazing ability to sing her own songs and perform on stage, dancing in high heels in front of screeching, dumbfounded teens. Tough job indeed. On top of that she’s also an aspiring model, TV personality and (add common WAG job here). But in all fairness, she’s stunning! Really pretty girl that can bring some color to the World Cup in Russia this summer, but for the sake of Spanish supporters let’s hope that de Gea will be keeping his eyes and hands on the ball and not on Edurne’s behind. One gets easily confused, especially if you’re a man that’s been targeted with other men’s balls your whole life.

5. Daniella Seeman (wife of Cesc Fabregas)

source: Instagram

“Wowowiwa,” Borat would say at this exotic woman. Just like in the case of Shakira and Pique, Daniella Semaan is considerably older than her husband Cesc Fabregas; there’s somewhere around 8-9 years difference between the pair (I’m talking about their age, not about her bosom. You, perve! Although we see your point, those are nice too. Good job spotting them).

4. Mayte Rodriguez (girlfriend of Alexis Sanchez)

source: Instagram

Sanchez has been underperforming for Man United since his switch from Arsenal in January. Maybe he’s unhappy because he’s also not “performing” well with Mayte Rodriguez – one of the most gorgeous South American 2018 World Cup WAGs. But taking a closer look at her, she looks more Russian than Chilean, so she should feel right at home this summer when she’ll be backing her man on the stands, wearing the iconic RED shirt among her people. I mean, the Chilean supporters of course! The Russians are done with the RED of communism; they’ve progressed far above those days and are proud to be a full-fledged “managed democracy” now.

3. Sara Carbonero (wife of Iker Casillas)

source: Instagram

Goddess! There’s nothing else that I can say to describe this stunning woman, who, despite her beauty, still has a job typical to that of other prominent 2018 World Cup WAGs. Carbonero is a TV presenter who is still fondly remembered for her moment with Iker Casillas after Spain won the World Cup in 2010, when he grabbed her in the middle of an interview and gave her a few pecks.

2. Sam Cooke (girlfriend of Chris Smalling)

source: Instagram

England can go far with Sam Cooke in the stands backing them. If she’s not worth playing for, then there’s no point in going to the World Cup finals at all. At least her boyfriend Chris Smalling should be motivated enough to defend well for the Three Lions in Russia, but that’s only if he gets selected to play, that is. If she were mine, I’d be scoring goals all day and all night. Know what I mean…?

1. Pilar Rubio (wife of Sergio Ramos)

source: Instagram

How can one even begin to describe Pilar Rubio’s beauty? Even her name is pretty, just try saying it aloud to yourself, “Rubio. Pilar Rubio.” Make sure to add stress on the “Rs” as it makes her name sound even sexier. Imagine her whisking her glorious hair in your face and giving you her wide angel-like smile, before giving you a passionate kiss that makes you feel you’re immortal. Imagine you’re alone with her on a beach, sipping on pina coladas from coconut shells with those little umbrellas sticking out. Imagine all this… because that’s as far as you go can go, buddy! She belongs to a super-rich and super good-looking football star that has won the World Cup, two Euro Cups and three Champions League titles. What have you won lately, besides €20 last weekend with Bet365 Sportsbook.

Maybe if you’d bet more with providers of internet betting in Russia, we promise that you won’t get any one of the 2018 World Cup WAGs, but at least you’ll be able to afford yourself a nice blow up doll that you can play with… or kick balls at during the tournament in Russia.

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